New Product Testing Opportunities from Toluna!

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Toluna has new product testing opportunities! If you have not completed product testing before, I think it’s so fun because you get to try out products before they hit the market and share your opinion! An added bonus is that you also get PAID to do it!

New Product Testing Opportunities from Toluna

1. Click here to register–> Toluna Registration

2. Confirm your e-mail

3. Visit the Toluna home page, click on Rewards and then Test Products, and apply for the Colgate Smiles toothbrush campaign

If you are selected, you will receive this product for FREE plus get paid for sharing your opinions! If you don’t qualify this time, there are plenty of future product testing opportunities:

  • Nivea Volume & Shine lip gloss
  • Soothing Hand Creme by Garnier
  • Axe Aftershave Balm
  • Minerals Deodorant with Intense Freshness by Garnier
  • Spiderman Stationery Kit with all the Essentials
  • Minnie Mouse notepad and pen
  • Nivea Ultra Wet Look hair styling gel for men

Let me know if you get in!

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