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One of the things I have learned since we started seriously sticking to a budget is that being on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice all of the things you love!  It just means you have to be a little more creative!  Our family enjoys eating out every now and then (and truthfully, I enjoy the break from cooking, too!).  Paying bills is a priority, though, and so sometimes our “eating out” budget is very limited!  I supplement our “eating out budget” with gift cards that I earn from online sites such as MyPoints.

With MyPoints, you earn points for completing surveys, reading e-mails, and making purchases online.   You can then cash out your points for gift cards.  They have gift cards for restaurants such as Chili’s, Red Robin, and even Outback Steakhouse!  They also have gift cards for retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and Old Navy.  I typically just read the e-mails and complete the surveys and earn a few gift cards each year by doing this!    To save even more, I use the gift cards in combination with coupons for our favorite restaurants!

Click here to get started earning gift cards–> MyPoints registration

It only takes a few minutes each week to earn!

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