Kroger: Driscoll’s Strawberries for just $.88 each!

Driscoll’s has a new $.50 off berries printable coupon when you subscribe to their e-mails here.  The strawberries are on sale at Kroger this week for $1.38/lb, which makes them just $.88 after the coupon (if your stores double, they will only be $.38)!

We love strawberries, so I’m excited about this deal!

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  1. Mary Keyser says:

    The coupons say “NO DOUBLING IS PERMITTED”. Thought you’d want to know. 88 cents is still a good price, though.

    • Mary – I haven’t printed this yet, but in the past, even though they say “Do not Double” they have doubled at some stores because the bar code starts with a “5” This is always up to the stores to decide whether they will do this because they do not receive reimbursement from the manufacturer for doubling coupons.