Kroger Add Up the Savings updates!

Last night I was finally able to go and take advantage of the Kroger “Add Up the Savings” sale and wanted to post a few updates. (You can find the full listing and match-ups here)

*The Progresso soup catalina is not printing in the Texas/Louisiana market. There are only a few varieties of soups that are part of the sale. Off the top off my head, I remember these: beef and barley, chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice, clam chowder, and chicken and corn chowder

*There is a GM catalina that includes the Betty Crocker fruit snacks that I was not aware of when I did my deals, but it printed at the register! I bought four and got a $1.50 OYNO.

*The Hot Pockets Side Shots are part of the participating items and there is a $1/1 printable here when you “like” them on Facebook, which makes them $.99/each. (remember to click the back button on your browser, so you can print 2!)

*Sobe Life water is part of the promotion.  If you buy 2 and use the BOGO free printable from the Heads or Tails game here, you should get both for free! (they should deduct the pre-promotion price) – Thanks Dan and Missy!!

*The GM cereal catalina (which includes the Trix and Total cereals that are a part of the sale this week) ends today!  The Kraft cheese catalina also ends today (8/15).  The string cheese is priced at $2.79 (this wasn’t marked at my store, but it rings up at that price), which is a great price even without coupons, and especially since you get the catalina!

*Bugles are included in the promotion, too!  There was a $.50/1 coupon in the 8-8 GM insert which will double and make them free!

*Nature Valley Granola Thins are included in the promotion ($1.99 after the instant savings).  There were $.50/1 coupons in the 8-8 GM insert which should double and there are $.50/1 printable coupons here, too (even though they say do not double/triple, all of mine doubled and tripled at the store)  There is also a $.50/1 loadable on,, and making these $.49/each after coupons!!  Plus, they should qualify for the NV catalina deal (I haven’t done this deal myself yet, so I can’t confirm)

*There were $1/1 California Pizza Kitchen blinkie coupons on the freezer door at my store.   This makes them $3.49/each with coupon and the promotion!  (I think the catalina deal on this promotion also ends today, 8/15)

Have you done the “Add up the Savings” sale yet?  Did I miss anything??

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  1. I bought 3 NV thins and 1 NV granola bar and did get the $2.50 catalina… Buy 3, Get $1.50, 4 get $2.50, 5 get $3.50. Fun deals!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I was bummed to find out the Progresso soup was not offered in my area, Texas. Didn't find out until after and called the Catalina # and they confirmed my store didn't count. It's okay. But, I can CONFIRM that I did get the Catalina off of the Nature Valley bars/bags of nut clusters (I bought 5.) I too went shopping yesterday to take advantage of the mega event. Bought $200 worth of groceries and spent $75. Although, I think I messed up somewhere because in my head it added to $50, but still a great savings! thanks for your Kroger posts and for being so informative.

  3. Macey – thanks for letting me know the granola thins qualify – they look YUMMY, so I'm excited to try then!!

    I didn't find out about the Progresso until after I tried to do the deal, too 🙁 It threw off my scenarios some and I spent a bit more out of pocket than I had planned, but $.69 per can is still a decent deal for me.