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My daughter is nine and last year, she started asking the “Is Santa real?” question.  Of course, she had been hearing from friends at school that he was not.  I never realized until that point that keeping the magic of Santa going for my kids was as important to me as an adult as it had been to me as a child!  I discovered and was able to create some photos with Santa “caught in the act” in our living room and outside of our house, and it kept the magic alive for another year.  I was given the opportunity to partner with Catch a Character again this year to share the magic, and I was thrilled!  The picture above is one of Santa in our living room in front of our tree!

How it works


Using the website is EASY!

1.  Take a picture of your home, your tree, your fireplace, or even your chair or sofa to use as the background and upload on the site.

2.  Choose from 20 different poses including Santa asleep on your sofa, Santa pulling gifts from his bag in front of your tree, Santa’s feet coming down your chimney, and even Santa and Rudolph in front of your house!

3.  Strategically place your Santa of choice, choose a background, and you’re done!

The entire process took about five minutes!  You can then download your picture and you can also share it on over 30 social media sites!

How you can use the photos

  • Keepsake Photo for Children: Create your unique image and use it as a keepsake for your child!  Keep the magic alive by showing Santa caught in the act of delivering presents!
  • Unique Christmas Card: Do you send Christmas cards/eCards?  Now you can add Santa to make a unique Christmas card.  Add him to a family photo or add him and Rudolph on the front lawn in the snow.  Be creative and use your imagination.  Make it funny or festive!

The Bottom Line

The regular price for one photo is $9.99; however, there are some GREAT deals available right now that you can take advantage of!

Check out this video to find out more about how works:

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with a code to create my photo and I was compensated for this review, but I love this program and all opinions are 100% mine!

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