Fun with Kids: Snack boxes

There are so many different uses for those plastic school supply boxes you can get for super cheap right now (if you watch for sales, you should be able to get them for $.50!). Make and Takes is one of my favorite sites for inspiration on kid-friendly crafts and about a year ago, she posted about using school supply boxes to make snack boxes for your kids.

I don’t know about your kids, but when we get home in the afternoons, my kids are starving and have no problem raiding the pantry for snacks.  The problem is that then they don’t have any moderation and then they fill up on snacks and don’t want to eat dinner.

Snack boxes = problem solved!  I fill it with snacks at the beginning of the week and they know that they get one snack in the afternoons and that’s it!  Plus, they got to decorate their own snack boxes!

You can get the stickers at Dollar Tree, so this entire “craft” ends up being $1.50 or so per kid!

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