Freebie Friday: CVS $15 gift card giveaway!

I am FINALLY doing my first giveaway and I have decided that I’m going to do a giveaway every month just for fun! I was actually planning on doing something else, but then I decided that a CVS gift card would be a better way to kick things off. If you’ve been CVSing for awhile, you know that $15 can go a long way, and if you’re new to CVS, this will help to get you started. I’m excited to get this started!

The giveaway will run from now until 11:59 PM (PST) on Friday, 1/30/09. I will announce the winner on Saturday, 1/31/09. (The winner will be randomly selected)

You can enter up to four times. Here are the ways that you can enter:

1. Post a comment letting me know how you plan to use the gift card if you win.

2. Sign up to follow my blog (if you are already following my blog, you automatically get an entry!) or subscribe to my blog (if you subscribe, please send me an e-mail to let me know that you have subscribed).

3. Create a post on your blog letting others know about the giveaway and link back to my blog. Be sure to comment here with a link to your post!

4. Post a comment with a question or tip for Tip of the Day Tuesday.

If you win, you need to provide me with some way to contact you. If your profile is public with a link to your blog, that works. Otherwise, watch the blog closely on Saturday, 1/31 for me to post the winner.

(If you post a comment as “anonymous” you need to include some sort of identifying information or your entry will not be valid)

Good luck!


  1. Hooray for giveaways! I’m about due for a win, so here’s hoping :-)!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog! I would use the card to get more ECB’s of course.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would use the card to purchase things that I need that I also would get ECB’s on. Monica

  4. The Christensons says:

    I’ve been following your blog now for a while [Thanks to finding it on Marci’s blog] I’m trying supper hard to start using more coupons and saving where I can. Working two jobs and having two small kids is not easy in this economy!

  5. Yay, I love giveaways. I would totally use the giftcard for diapers (hopefully with a sale and coupons it would turn into lots of diapers). lol

    kelly j vaughn @ yahoo dot com

  6. one frugal lady says:

    Awesome! I would use this card and “roll” in my ecbs for as long as possible! This would be a great start! for what??? diapers, shampoo, body wash, makeup, you name it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I would use the card to lessen my oop and hopefully get more ecb’s. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  8. CVSer in training says:

    Oh Pick ME Pick ME. Lol. If I win…I plan on buying ECB producing always 🙂

  9. CVSer in training says:


  10. Hi there. I just found out about CVS-ing from a friend yesterday. I am excited to get started. If I win the gift card I will use it to start building up some ECB’s.

  11. I would use the gc to buy ECB deals that I would normally not buy b/c it would be too much OOP. Also milk and diapers. Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. I would use the gift card to get more ECB deals!!!

  13. Woohoo! I have been “coupon crazy” for over a year now, but hadn’t quite taken the time to really figure out the CVS thing…WOW! I can’t believe what I’ve been missing!! I would absolutely use it to purchase things we need that would build up my ECB’s! This is so much fun. I love saving money! 🙂
    Rebecca N

  14. Mary Beth says:

    Giveaways are so fun, and we always need Children’s Motrin, or Tylenol, or Baby something there!

    I follow your posts here and on NBBC – Your advice is always so helpful. Loving the $40 a week grocery budget too!


  15. Yay for your first giveaway!!!! Your already on my blog list!!


    AKA babycakes4002 on BBC Bargain Board.

  16. WOW! With the $15 card, my coupons, and all the great deals CVS has, I could really get a lot! I would spend it all on my husband, some good smelling after shave, other toiletries, a nice card and some chocolate! Valentine’s Day is our 6th anniversary. That would be great

  17. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    Wahoo! Awesome giveaway!

  18. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    I already follow your blog.

  19. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    My tip is if you shop for cosmetics at a cosmetic counter always ask if they have a free gift deal going on because even if they say no, they’ll usually put a sample of something in your bag anyway.

  20. Melissa I would buy booze and cigs- you now because ECB’s can’t buy those. JK. I would spend it the same as you. This is a great way to get readership to your blog. I come here everyday- I just followed all my blogs before I found you- so I’ll follow it now too!

    I think your GREAT!

  21. And here’s the link to my post about you!

  22. I would love to win this!! I would use this to buy all my essentials 🙂 And hopefully be able to donate some of the items too!

  23. I love your blog. I would use it with my cvs rewards to get some really good deals. BTW, I love your idea about buying stamps there to go toward your total purchases.

  24. Ohhhh I would use this gift card to pay my oop on my deals….I wonder how long I could make it last??
    sunnnnie_1 at yahoo dot come

  25. I just started CVSing in November so I don’t have many ECBs. I would use the gift card to lessen my get more ECBs.

    londell at yahoo (dot) com

  26. I would use my card to get more EBC’s because I can’t get enough! Thanks.

  27. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    Hey again! I posted about your giveaway on my blog.

  28. DeAna, Joshua and Family says:

    Hey Melissa! I follow your blog. I would use the gift card to buy medicine for my family, and to get started on earning ECBs since I am VERY new to CVSing. Thanks for the offer!!

  29. I would use the giftcard for all of my oop so it would probably last me awhile since most of my oop is under $1.

  30. DeAna, Joshua and Family says:

    I’ve put a link for your bargain blog website on a post I’m doing in Facebook. 🙂

  31. I can double tha $15.00 card to get more stuff-loves those bucks!!!

  32. Chris in TN says:

    If I win, I’d use the card to pay for my tax and make my actual OOP at CVS less.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  33. I love your blog! I would use the card to stock up on diapers!!

  34. How fun! I see you over on BBC all the time! I would use the card to keep up with all your deals and to earn ECB! -Teresa W.

  35. I would use this card over and over again, this would last me forever!! haha!! Thank you for your hard work on these scenerios, I know these must take you forever!!

  36. I would use a $15 CVS giftcard to get about $300 worth of stuff for free at CVS!
    Love ur blog!

  37. Anonymous says:

    You give the best bargain advice. I now follow your blog religiously and will use the CVS giftcard to multiply my ECBs’. Cheers!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog! I’d use the giftcard to get much needed diapers and pullups on sale. I have 2 little ones that always need these!


  39. Are You Serious! says:

    ? I just found your blog! I'm always looking for more help to find great deals! I love CVS and would use the gift card for more great deals!

    Thanks for all of your info and leg work!!! 🙂

  40. I need that $15 gift card…I’m new to CVS’ing and keep spending more OOP than I hope. I also signed up to follow your blog, and will posting a link to your blog from mine shortly! 🙂

  41. You’re amazing Melissa. I would use the gift card by following all your CVS scenarios and make money.

  42. Nice giveaway. I would use it to pay the OOP expenses on my weekly CVS trips.

  43. Hi Melissa, I just found your blog thourgh my friend misty, I think it’s great! And I would use the card to get some more ECB’s! I just started CVS’ing last week and already have $15 in ECB’S, it’s so much fun to save money.

  44. I follow your blog now too!
    And here’s the link I put on my blog about your give away!

  45. I subscribe to your blog now 🙂

  46. I would use the gift card to ear more ECBs! I would love having a gift card so as to not pay any OOP. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

    ericaholsen at gmail dot com

  47. Anonymous says:

    I would use the gift card to cut down on my out of pocket spending.

  48. Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) says:

    Wow, $15 DOES go a long way at CVS – thanks for the chance to win! For my four entries:

    1) I would see how many weeks I could go at CVS before I had to spend anything out of my own pocket again. 🙂 It would be a challenge to see how long I could make it last, even while shopping each week!

    2) I subscribed to your blog via google reader. Thanks for making it worth the time to read – you post good deals!

    3) I blogged about your giveaway on my blog here:

    4) My question for Tip Tuesday is this: why do the inserts from my Sunday newspapers sometimes not have the coupons that everyone is talking about? I get major city newspapers, so this seems odd.


  49. Believer 1964 says:

    What a great first giveaway! Please count me in. Thanks!

    My profile is private, but email still shows. 😉

  50. I would use the gift card to allow me to continue to shop at CVS, essentially cash free. I like having the gift cards when I have a $/$$ coupon that requires a $50 purhcase, since it is hard to fill that gap with coupons and ECBs. Gift cards allow me to minimize my OOP.

  51. I will use the card to get much needed household necessities for our family and of course have fun in the process!

  52. I am a new follower!

  53. 1. I just started following your blog!
    2. My tip is more dealing with the mental aspect of life or spirituality: Take a look at what you HAVE and be thankful, be humble because everyday people are losing there jobs and homes; and if you have one or both be thankful, hold on.
    3. Not sure how i’ll use, on good deals for things i need or will need soon since my husband has been w/o a job for 5 months and we just lost our food assistance.
    Thanks for the entries!

  54. We are a one-income household and my husband is out of work. I would use the card to buy food and other necessities for our family.

    Thanks for the offer!

  55. Oh, count me in!

  56. Lovin’ CVS, and this will help with the upcoming CVS diapers deal in February!

  57. YAY CVS!! I’ll use the card to buy all the things I need for my household for cheap!! ^__^

  58. I am new to couponing as well as CVSing. I will use the card to get started earning ecbs.

  59. Melissa,
    For tip of the day I would love to see how you organize your coupons. Even though I’ve been couponing for almost a year my coupons are kind of a mess! I think I could save time and money if they were more organized 🙂

  60. I would use this gift card to help get everything we need- toothpaste, toilet paper, etc. I love ECBs and CVS. Thank you! Your blog is very cute!

  61. amber @ to save a penny says:

    I love CVS! I would use this gift card to pay for taxes when I roll my ECBs!

  62. Anonymous says:

    I love CVS and its ecbs so love a gift card to help earn more ecbs to help pay for diapers and other things needed! pick me!

  63. Anonymous says:

    Just started CVSing in December and this gift card will help me get more ECB’s to roll and get more of the essentials my family needs. Thank you!

  64. I just recently found your blog. Thanks for having such a great giveaway!
    jlanch at sbcglobal dot net

  65. I’ve been CVSing for about 4 months and still can’t believe how much I have saved! The giftcard would pay for my OOP which I try to keep under $2 per visit. Usual purchases include OTC meds, diapers, and to satisfy an occasional chocolate craving!

    jlanch at sbcglobal dot net

  66. I’d drag out the gift card for as long as humanly possible and snag as many cheap items as I could to stock up!
    INGoodCents @

  67. My qeustion for you:
    Do you have any money saving tips on food for families with toddlers that have severe food allergies(i.e. wheat, dairy, shellfish, peanuts)?
    These are the ones that my little one has and he cannot eat anything with these products in them. Meaning he really can’t eat you can buy from the store and almost every coupon I have come across is for foods that he can’t have.

  68. Wow! What a nice giveaway! I would use the giftcard on myself!!! I’m always bargain shopping for the family. So, just this once I would round up all my makeup coupons and get myself stocked up on some goodies! Thank you!

  69. Here is my Tip of the Day! I haven't bought stain remover in years! (shout, spray&wash)Plain old white toothpaste(that we all get for free, lol) works just as well. I keep a tube in my laundry room with an old toothbrush. Just squeeze a dab on the stain, rub in with brush and wash as normal. This even worked for me when my son was a baby and I was treating all those baby clothes stains!

  70. I love CVS! I am pretty new to the game so this would help me earn more ECBs!

  71. Anonymous says:

    I would use it to obtain more ecb’s. I’m fairly new to this game… so it would be a great help! 🙂

  72. Anonymous says:

    I would love to win. I would use it on my weekly CVS trip to buy some deals. Carmen

  73. Karen ( says:

    I would use the card to get started on ECB deals. Thanks

  74. Mama Whitney says:

    with 4 kiddos (4, 3, 2, and 6.5 months) around i’d use the $ on diapers!!!!!

    thanks. this was my first time visiting your blog. (came from moneysavingmom’s blog.) looking forward to learning some tips from you!

    kiatwhitney AT gmail DOT com

  75. I would definitely spend this gift card during one of my weekly CVS trips! It would be nice to have no OOP cost!

  76. Stephanie says:

    I would use it for Zyrtec for my son. He is one big allergy!!

  77. I would love to use this to START “CVSing”!

  78. If I win this card, I will make it a challenge for myself to see how long I can get it to last..should be fun! I’m sure that doesn’t sound like fun but if you’re a CVSer, it’s a blast! Hope I win!

  79. I would love to get your gift card and combine with coupons and ECB’s ! I love blog’s that encourage mom’s to save money!!

  80. I would use the gift card to pay for my OOP after ECB’s. Thanks 🙂

  81. I used to get great deals at CVS but had to stop for several months, so this would be a great way to get my ECBs started back up again. Thanks!

  82. I’ve been trying to figure out this whole CVS game, etc./explain it all to my husband. I’m hoping to win this so that I can put it to good use.

  83. The Semberger Newlyweds says:

    I’d use the gift card with my ECB’s to buy chocolate! or be resourceful and buy stuff to give myself a pedicure! Godsangel_17@ charter dot net

  84. Abigail's_Mommy says:

    We could really use this!

  85. Anonymous says:

    I would use the giftcard along with ECB’s and hopefully roll them over forever:) I would especially use it for diapers these days!

  86. Wow – I’m thinking of how far $15 goes at CVS. I love it! Count me in!

  87. I would use it to get ecbs so I could keep it rolling. Thanks for the cance to win.

  88. Wow Melissa! Look at all your comments! You must feel like a superstar :-)! I would use the giftcard towards diapers when they are on sale!
    marci6tx at msn dot com

  89. Wow, $15. I would buy so much stuff using coupons and EBC’s that my husband thought I broke our budget.

  90. I would use the gift card for OOP cost when rolling my ECBs.

    It would also be a great chance to buy some great items to donate.

  91. Angel, Leo & Landon says:

    I am now a follower!

  92. Angel, Leo & Landon says:

    I am now a follower!

  93. Angel, Leo & Landon says:

    I am now a follower!

  94. Angel, Leo & Landon says:

    I am now a follower!

  95. Anonymous says:

    I would use it to initialize my cvsing – you know to get the ball rolling on saving and getting items free from CVS.Thanks,Tiffany

  96. I would use the gift card to get started “CVS-ing”. I am new to the whole ECB thing and I need now more than ever to learn how to be a smart shopper at CVS.


  97. I would love to get some new foundation! I would probably try and see how far I could take the card using ECBs and coupons since I am new to that and trying to learn. Thank you so much for the chance!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  98. I follow you!

    kayceewilliams at gmail dot com

  99. Heather Corral says:

    I will use it to keep rolling ECB’s….I am just about out of GC balance from my last RX transfer. I could use a CVS GC right about now!

    heathercorral @