It’s Freebie Friday: $10 Target gift card giveaway

It’s Freebie Friday again! If you’ve been reading my blog for long, you know that I have been doing a gift card giveaway each month. It’s hard for me to believe that another month has gone by already! I got so many great savings ideas from the comments on the giveaway post last month that I decided to do another Target gift card giveaway. If you shop at Target, you know that even $10 can go a long way if you use coupons!

The giveaway will run from now until 11:59 PM (PST) on Friday, 3/27/09. I will announce the winner on Saturday, 3/28/09. (The winner will be randomly selected using

You can enter up to four times. Here are the ways that you can enter:

1. Post a comment telling me about some of your “favorite” Target bargains.

2. Sign up to follow my blog (if you are already following my blog, you automatically get an entry!) or subscribe to my blog (if you subscribe, please post a comment to let me know that you have subscribed).

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4. Create a post on your blog letting others know about the giveaway and link back to my blog. Be sure to comment here with a link to your post!

Please create a separate post for each of your entries. If you win, you need to provide me with some way to contact you. If your profile is public with a link to your blog, that works. Otherwise, watch the blog closely on Saturday, 3/28 for me to post the winner.

(If you post a comment as “anonymous” you need to include some sort of identifying information or your entry will not be valid)

Good luck!

And….if you’re looking for your “freebie fix” check out the recent freebie posts here.


  1. I love Target’s Dollar Spot–it’s great for little fillers for stockings at Christmas or Easter baskets.

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  4. Great Blog! I am a new follower. We just got a new Target so I look forward to getting some great deals!

  5. Target Dollar Spot is an great place for cheap batteries!

  6. savvy shopper says:

    I am new at saving money…seriously. We have always had a two income household with two working professionals. Two months ago, I was laid off from a company I had been for 5 years.
    I am learning from blogs like this one that we can live comfortably on one income. Thanks for all of your information and savings tips.
    I will post your link to my blog!

  7. Mad Housewife says:

    I love the Dollar Spot also! And the great coupons for the Mott’s applesauce we have had the last few weeks!

  8. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    The dollor spot is always my favorite target deals, but I have also found some great deals just walking down the back ends of each ile because they put all the clearance stuff back there.

  9. Kendall and Lee'sa says:

    I already follow your blog, but I just subscribed to it.

  10. The Target Dollar Spot is my favorite. I always find something cute and small for any occasion! Thanks for the chance!

  11. poorteacher says:

    If I win I plan on helping my stockpile of toilet paper grow! Not too exciting but practical.

  12. my favorite target bargins are clearance cosmetics when combined with a coupon

  13. I love the deals you can get with target coupons and manufacturer coupons when used together

  14. ~*Michelle*~ says:

    I buy the majority of my groceries at Target (we don’t have a SuperTarget but one with a great grocery section)

    I love Tar-Jay!


  15. Michelle says:

    If you log onto you can enter your zipcode and get Target coupons right there to print from your computer, they also accept manufacturer’s coupons.
    I love our dollar aisle when you first walk into our store, and I really enjoy their Archer Farms food items.

  16. Carolyn G says:

    I love browsing the outside ailes for their clearance. I once picked up some kitchen rugs for $3.00 each because they were hidden under some sheets.

  17. I’m following your blog now!

  18. My favorite recent Target deal was the Motts applesauce 6 packs for cheap. I never eat a jar fast enough, but I love applesauce so these were a great (cheap!) compromise.

  19. Charlene says:

    I love all the great clearance deals on pretty much everything in the store 🙂

  20. mommy2davin says:

    I love the dollor spot and the clearance end caps.
    great deals!

  21. I love the broccoli when it’s on sale and they have their $1.00/1 coupons, making it .50!!! Yum!!

  22. I love the broccoli when it’s on sale and they have their $1.00/1 coupons, making it .50!!! Yum!!

  23. I also follow your blog 🙂

  24. The Sensible Momma says:

    I’m loving the Quaker deal right now…I was able to save 57% this week doing that deal!

  25. I had to say that I’ve never had to watch our budget, because I believe I always should have, but until some hardships occurred over the past two years, I hadn’t been as keen on it. Now I am really watching! I have loved the Target meat deals recently. I watched Target some time back and thought their meat was way overpriced. Then these $2.00 coupons came out plus I’ve found lots of packages with a $2.00 or $2.50 coupon to use today. Together, I’ve gotten great deals. I’m assuming this is Target’s version of the “Manager Specials”. I’m all over it! My freezer is full!

  26. I have been getting the Mega packs of Huggies wipes for $.99 a pack this week with the $5 Huggies coupon. I had a bunch that said “product” before they changed it to “diaper product”.

  27. CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE, CLEARANCE! We don’t have a Super Target but I’ve been finding good deals on food there. The Organic milk is cheaper there than at the grocery store!

  28. silverhartgirl says:

    I love their clearance it is really great when i have a cpooupon for it to

  29. I like Targets diapers. They are a pretty good quality and more affordable than grocery store brands.

  30. I am also following your blog.

  31. silverhartgirl says:
  32. My favorite Target bargains are definitely found on the Clearance end caps!

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  34. I’m following you on Twitter!

    {joytotheblog is my user name}

  35. I love it when target coupons and manufacturer coupons make something free, like with Kashi bars a few months ago

    jen dot burden at sbclgobal dot net

  36. Kathy Eller says:

    Haven’t foudn much at the dollar spot but LOVE the clearance end caps!

  37. I love the after holiday’s clearance and the Dollar Spot.

  38. I am a new subscriber to your blog.

  39. I do have a lot of fun in the dollar section where we have found wonderful things for favor bags for kids birthday! Curious George, Lightning McQueen, etc.

  40. I love targets grocery store but ours so sad isnt one of those. boo hoo. otherwise I love kids clothes

  41. I have you on my google reader

  42. I love the dollar spot for inexpensive art supplies!

  43. Rachelle @ "Mommy? I'm Hungry!" says:

    The markdowns (clothing, end caps, seasonal…). Kid slove the $1 bins.

  44. Buki Family says:

    i love the after holiday clerances.. ive gotten expensive stuff for so cheep! i got a bunch of burts bees chap stick for 75% off just because the packaging was in the shape of a snowflake!! after valentines i got a butt load of stuff at 90% off that is perfect for bridial showers, which i have two coming up.
    sabeckstrom at yahoo dot com

  45. Jennalee says:

    I love love love the dollar spot at Target. I always find the cutest Hello Kitty items there. And what I love even more is when the dollar spot goes on clearance!

  46. valerie2350 says:

    i love their 90% off after holiday sales 🙂

  47. valerie2350 says:
  48. I love Target’s clearance deals. This January I got toys at 75% off, and I’m stocked up with birthday presents for kis for the year.

  49. We’ve cut back on shopping. I do like the Dollar Spot. Target’s merchandise quality is a step above other department stores. Thanks for having the wonderful giveaway.

    dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

  50. lonetree72 says:

    I love looking at all the housewares endcaps and getting great deals on clearance.

  51. lonetree72 says:

    I subscribed.


  52. missaminh says:

    Many target deals to love, free batteries, cheap applesauce, rolling giftcards, and I love the usinging 1 target q w/mani q!

  53. Linda and Greg says:

    The Dollar Spot is my place to find good deals…love the hunt!!

  54. The dollar section and clearance sections are definitely my favorites at Target!! Thanks!

  55. I subscribe to you on my Google Reader

  56. My favorites at target are the dollar bins, and when I find clearance groceries at the ends of aisles that I have coupons for.

  57. Tj and Amy says:

    I love their great cereal deals. and there swimsuits are soo cheap.

  58. Emily N. says:

    I love the dollar spot and their clothing clearance. I got a great winter coat for $15 on clearance there.

  59. We Love the dollar spot!
    Plus this week, they have had a great sale with Quaker. Buy the advertised Quaker products and get a $5 gift card!
    We just LOVE Target!

  60. paleseptember says:

    I love Target’s food brand, Archer Farms. Great, quality food for low prices! Also, their dollar items are pretty amazing too! Thanks for the giveaway. Target’s the best.

    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  61. paleseptember says:

    I’m a new follower to you on Twitter. username: ciao__bella

    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  62. I would say I like the $1 bins. Have gotten some nice things.

  63. subscribe

  64. areyoukiddingme says:

    Love the $1 batteries that I occasionally find! Today I bought my daughter some shoes for $8…excellent!

  65. Ya Gotta love Target and SUPER Target is a HOOT if you are Blessed enough to have one near you!!! I have never had it, but I hear they have their own Brand of Chocolate, CHOXIE….

    I have gotten many a pair of Sandals at Target.. and I always love them!!!

    Cosmetics!!! Can’t beat ’em!!!

    Kitchen gadgets and Gizmos are always on my shopping list at Target!!!

    Ohhh Target always has the cutest Christmas and Easter Goodies!!!
    NOW I am going to have to take a Trip to Target today… Darn, I am so suggestible!!!
    This is a GREAT Giveaway!!!!

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  67. I love the $2.00 off Sutton & Dodge meat coupons, I got lots of meat for a very good deal!!

  68. Jennalee says:

    Subscribed via email!

  69. There was an great Glade candles deal last year – I got tons of candles and oil warmers for next to nothing. And love when you can get cheap or free carrots and broccoli!

  70. follow you on twitter (aitmama).

  71. I too am a fan of the dollar spot. I also love the clearance clothing. Sometimes there’s nothing, but every so often, you can happen upon a whole rack of shirts under $1 each!

  72. I subscribe on Google Reader too 🙂

  73. judybrittle says:

    I love finding those 75% off kids clothes racks.Can find the grandkids some cute outfits and save a lot of money. Thank you!

  74. judybrittle says:

    Follow on Twitter-kewpiedoll04

  75. I love all of the Archor Farms food products – low prices and wonderful quality/taste.

    contact me at:

  76. I got a beautiful Christmas tree after Christmas for 75% off

  77. We don’t have a Target near us by I use the Gift Cards online and shop the clearence section…for Xmas I was able to get a toy each (a GOOD toy) each for my 3 kids for only $20 and that was after the shipping.

  78. I follow your blog now

  79. I follow you on Twitter.

  80. I love their Dollar Spot. I always end up finding something I need!

  81. New blog follower! jadco123

  82. I love the Dollar spot and the clearance sales!!

  83. Katherine says:

    My favorite Target bargain is their clearance clothes! I always find amazing deals on cute clothing! It keeps my looking current without paying an arm and a leg! 🙂

    kkondek at

  84. Katherine says:

    Now following you on twitter!

  85. roxymb402 says:

    I am a big fan of Target’s Dollar Spot to fill up rewards for my students or small extras that I can use around the house.

  86. LeighAnn55 says:


  87. LeighAnn55 says:

    and of coarse my favorite bargain @ Target is the $1 section! <3

  88. SandyM204 says:

    I love the $1 section. I find such cute things there.

  89. SandyM204 says:

    I subscribed to your blog by email.

  90. SandyM204 says:

    Follow you on Twitter and Tweeted!

  91. You’ve got to check the endcaps especially in the bedding and bath section. I landed a great 5×7 rug that was originally $70 marked down to $12..I love that rug.

    shel704 at aol dot com

  92. I’m now a follower of your blog

    shel704 at aol dot com

  93. Anonymous says:

    I love Target’s clearance. I always find great deals on clothing for myself and my children. I also like the Dollar Spo.

  94. Anonymous says:

    I am a new follower, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  95. Brea's Mommy says:

    I am also all about the dollar spot I have gotten some great books for Brea there!

  96. great giveaway ! please enter me 🙂

  97. I love target’s clearance racks! I always get great items for the kids for the next year

  98. The dollar section is great! I also get kids clothes on clearance for $1-$4.


  99. i dont have a target near me but i been to my sis target 2x i like the clearance sections

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    You are now following Melissa’s Bargain blog

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  102. targetmom says:

    My favorite Target bargains are the clearance items. I love shopping in the children’s 75% off clearance clothing!

  103. I like to get dvds from Target
    giveawaycravings at gmail

  104. Blogging about this giveaway right now.

  105. I love the sales they have on the goldfish crackers, we’re new here and haven’t shopped target too much yet, but those are always a good price for my daughter 😀

  106. I am having lots of fun at Target lately. I think I’ve stocked up on applesauce to get through summer! Thanks.

  107. Tweeted: Win a Target Gift Card!!!


  108. My Target fav is the shoe department when they have a clearance. My step daughter and I have found several great pairs of shoes at amazing prices.

  109. Victoria says:

    I love the clearance and dollar sections but I know I can always find simple inexpensive gift bags and store brand medicines at great prices! I got 50 ibuprofen for $1.77 and that’s the regular price. Can’t beat it. Thanks for the giveaway! utgal2004[at]yahoo[dot]com

  110. Jennalee says:

    Following you on Twitter!

  111. My favorite buys are the clearance sections. I got a 1000 count Egyptian cotton king size sheet set for $25! I often find great kids clothing in clearance also.

  112. I love clothing on clearance at Target!

  113. I love Target’s 75% off clearance.

  114. The Everyday Life says:

    I just got full size bottles of Curel lotion on clearance for $2.28 and it smells so good 🙂 Also free bread this week 🙂

  115. clearance, dollar spot, coupons, what’s not to love?!

  116. found a queen size blanket on clearance for $4! was i ever pumped!!!

  117. Bargain Briana says:

    Love it when the dollar spot is on clearance! 🙂

  118. chanaric says:

    I went to Target on Sunday and brought 4 razors and paid $12.94 and got (2) $5.00 gift cards.

  119. Target often has a sale on Kitchens of India meals for 2/$4, which is a great bargain for an easy meal we eat often (no preservatives and you just heat and eat – sometimes we put the curries on instant brown rice and sometimes we make omlets using them – they’re delicious and even our 18 month old eats them).

  120. Tuckersmomi says:

    thier clearance racks for kids are phenomenal!

  121. Anonymous says:

    I love shopping at Target. The dollar spot is great, so are clearance finds. I like Target brand baby wipes, they seem thicker and softer.

  122. My favorite was two weeks ago when we got the steaks for almost free b/c of the sale AND the Target coupons combined.

  123. Anonymous says:

    Clearance clothing at Target in MN is the best since they’re headquartered there! Plus there’s no tax on clothing, so you can often find great deals for the kids for less than $3! Karie

  124. Tamara B. says:

    My favorite Target bargain is their dollar bins. I can always find something for the children or grandchildren to put away for any celebration or holiday.

  125. My favorite bargain was the Mott’s applesauce deal where you got a 6-pack of applesauce for 22 cents.
    pkildow at gmail dot com

  126. I love the baby section at target ! especially the clearance end caps !

  127. My favorite recent deal was this morning. I clipped coupons from a FREE Sunday paper I received and found 2 $4 Shick razor coupons. Then minutes later I opened up the Target ad and saw the deal for buying 2 and getting a $5 gift card. I paid $6.98 for two razors and then bought shampoo and conditioner with the gift card for $1.31! I was pleased! It wasn’t free but it made a nice gift to give my mom two new razors and get shampoo and conditioner which I was out of! 🙂

  128. All Things Frugal For You And Me says:

    I admit I haven’t been to Target in YEARS:( but you might just convince me to go if I win;)

  129. All Things Frugal For You And Me says:

    I admit I haven’t been to Target in YEARS:( but you might just convince me to go if I win;)

  130. All Things Frugal For You And Me says:

    I admit I haven’t been to Target in YEARS:( but you might just convince me to go if I win;)

  131. All Things Frugal For You And Me says:

    I admit I haven’t been to Target in YEARS:( but you might just convince me to go if I win;)

  132. My most recent favorite deal was the free to cheap Sutton & Dodge meat!


  133. Tweeted about your giveaway:


  134. I’m a new subscriber.


  135. I follow on my google reader – thanks for all the great tips!

  136. The Mott’s deal recently was really awesome. $1.69 – .55 MQ – $1 TQ = $0.14 each. I did it at least 6 times!

  137. Following you on Twitter – rmcd496

  138. I always shop the BACK end isles to check out the sales and see if I have any coupons to add to the savings.

    I’m new to the blogging world. I’m here with the party. Thank you for doing a giveaway! I am also looking forward to reading more of you great ideas on your site!

  139. I am following your blog!

  140. I am also following you on twitter!

  141. I love Target with coupons! I recently scored the Mott's applesauce 6 pack- I used a .55 mott's coupon & a $1 target coupon & they were on sale for $1.25 So I got a few free & then aobut 8 more for .25!!!

  142. target has become cheaper than walmart in most things! (like my favorite pudding cups!)

    target offer

  143. i truly love targets dollar spot its fun for party pieces, and ideas.

  144. Stacking Target coupons with manf. coupons is a great way to save! My favorite deal this week was the Mott’s Applesauce cups (reg 1.77) for $0.22 using coupons!

  145. Anonymous says:

    i’m subscribing right now!! i looove targets dollar section!!


  146. I love all the great finds in Target’s Dollar area! 🙂

  147. Following! 🙂

  148. Since I have 3 girls who like their bedrooms decorated nicely..I’m constantly on the lookout for bedding and accessories Deals!

  149. Favorite Target Bargain?? Love the $1.00 any size Tide coupons …bunches of FREE trial sizes. Woohoo!!!

  150. I have subscribed via google reader.

  151. I’m a new Twitter follower!!!

  152. I love the dollar bins & the end caps with the clearance items. It's even better when I find the dollar bins on clearance and get $1 items for 50 cents!

    I subscribed to your blog in my reader.

  153. I just realized I answered 2 ways in one post so this is my entry for subscribing.

  154. This is my third entry b/c I posted it on my blog:

  155. I love Target’s dollar section. The items are usually good quality, and cute! I stock up all year for Operation Christmas Child boxes.

    augustgirl01 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  156. Kathy Rambousek says:

    I love those end of aisle, clearance items at Target

  157. I shop the ends of aisles where they put all their clearance items. A few weeks after Halloween, I bought 5 wooden frames with Halloween-themed pictures in them for $1.00 — 20 cents apiece. I decorated the frames and gave them out as Christmas gifts.

  158. I love the dollar bins — great for small things as stocking stuffers, Easter basket goodies, and this past winter gloves since my children lose them left and right anyway so why spend a lot on them!

  159. Mommy's Home!! says:

    I like to shop the clearance sections they have throughout the store – can often find good deals there!

  160. I like their clearance section and dollar spot items!

  161. I subscribed to your blog.

  162. I loved the free starbucks coupon we just got for the grand openning of our super target.

  163. I am a total sucker for their dollar spot items!

    lexbyam at gmail dot com

  164. I love all the diaper deals at Target! I am hoping for another baby food deal, too! 🙂

  165. I how Target puts all their clearance items together so you don’t have to go searching for a good deal.

  166. I posted your giveaway on my blog!

  167. I follow your blog now!

  168. I love my most recent Target deal woth the Motts Target coupon combined with Motts rpintable. I am quite stocked up on applesauce for a while and for less than .50 each you cant beat that!

  169. Never2Late2Save says:

    I loved the Quaker deal.

  170. Love their discounted children’s clothes!! Got my daughter’s easter dress there this year 🙂 I own Announcements Galore and we are sponsoring a prize for the party this year. Check us out!

  171. The meat deal was great, Ive never had so much meat in my freezer. Thanks 🙂

  172. Super Fun Mama says:

    Love the dollar aisle!

  173. Tervo Family says:

    Following your blog!

  174. Tervo Family says:

    The Dollar section is also my favorite place in Target! You can get some very good deals!

  175. Thank you Melissa. I got the gc a few days ago!! Haven’t gone shopping yet.