DEAL ALERT: 30 pairs of women’s socks for $15.99 shipped!

If the sock monster makes frequent visits to your house, I’ve got a DEAL for you!  While supplies last, Graveyard Mall has 30 pairs of women’s athletic socks for just $15.99 shipped!  You can hold off the sock monster for awhile with these!  These would also be a great donation item!

Click here to grab this deal–>30 pairs of women’s athletic socks for $15.99 shipped  

I bought these the last time they were available.  Here’s what I received in the mail:

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  1. Hi all!

    Be forewarned about Graveyard Mall. I purchased socks on April 26, and I have yet to see them. I called them a week after I placed the order to enquire about the status. I got a very condescending customer service representative who scolded me for calling so early. She said I didn’t read the order policy at the bottom of the screen in fine print that says fulfillment can take up to two weeks to process. It has now been three weeks since I placed the order and nothing has changed when I look at my order status online. I e-mailed the company a very direct message two days ago stating I would dispute charges with my bank if the order did not ship that day. The representative who responded back via e-mail Wednesday morning said the socks shipped on Tuesday and it takes one to two business days to get an update from the shipper with the tracking number. As of a few minutes ago the status still says waiting for fulfillment! I’ll give them until tomorrow, but I honestly believe next week I will have to dispute charges with the bank and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It appears they have done this to numerous customers and have lied about the shipping. Had I done my due diligence and read these reviews about this company prior to placing an order, I never would have done it.

    Sorry to be such a downer, but I don’t want others to go through what I experienced with this company.

    • Sherri – I want you to know that I personally check out every deal that I post on my site and I would never post a deal for a company that I believed was not reputable or that I had not worked with myself. I personally ordered these socks from Graveyard Mall (I received mine in about 10 days) and have ordered a number of other items from them in the past and never had issues, so I was very surprised by your comment and another poster’s comments. I contacted them first thing this morning (I also sent an e-mail to you about this). They were very disappointed to hear that you were treated that way by their CS representative and they also said that they would look into what is going on with your shipment of socks. They also said when things go wrong, they work to correct them ASAP. I will keep you posted when I hear back from them.

      • Thank you for going above and beyond to help me resolve this issue. I honestly believe had you not contacted Graveyard Mall this morning, I would still be waiting for an update. About 30 minutes ago an e-mail came through that stated the socks shipped and they provided me a shipping number (which looks like it’s through the USPS).

        Thanks again, Melissa! I plan on telling everyone about your intervention. 🙂

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