Cooking With Kids Thursday: Sparkly Explosion!

There are just a few more days left in my kid’s winter break from school and they are so bored.  It is too cold and rainy to go outside and play which leaves them stuck in the house all day long.  If I have to break up one more fight I just might run away!   I need something to entertain them and maybe educate them a little along the way.  This sparkly explosion looks super fun.  They aren’t actually going to be cooking but they will still be practicing measuring and mixing while also learning about acids and bases and what sorts of things cause explosions.  Thanks for the idea Preschool Powol Packets!

Here’s the supplies you need:

  • vase
  • baking soda
  • vinegar
  • food coloring (we used neon red)
  • blue glitter (this is very important, though you can use any color)
  • pan to contain the mess

Here’s how to do it -> Sparkly Explosion Tutorial

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