Walgreen’s deals this week

If you need cough syrup: (cold season is upon us, so you might as well stock up)

Buy 2 Robitussin, 1 Dimpetapp. They are $3.99 each this week and you get a $10 RR when you buy 3.

There is a $2/1 printable Robitussin coupon here:

There is a $2/1 printable Dimetapp coupon here:

You end up spending $5.97 but you get a $10 RR.

*If you need Ragu, Skippy peanut butter, or Bertolli, you can “roll” the $10 RR from the cough syrup into that deal. You end up spending about $5, but you get another $5 RR.

(if you have coupons from recent inserts, you will end up spending even less out of pocket)


Here are some “hot” coupons from this week’s inserts: (it will be worth buying extra papers…the .99 store sells them for .99 if you have them in your area! or get them on ebay or through a coupon clipping service)

Bird’s Eye steam fresh veggies – .35/1 – These go 10/$10 at Kroger all the time making your veggies free (if your store triples coupons) – they have some available on eBay right now. I just bought 20 for $1.75 including shipping. If you wait to get these coupons, they will be gone.
**Make sure you get the ones that say veggies or rice, not the “box” ones although those could be good, too**

Dole Salad – .50/1 – This will double at Kroger – the salad goes on sale pretty often 2/$4 making it $1 for a bag of salad

Jello Brand Pudding or Gelatin – $1/2 – free pudding or jello at Kroger

Pillsbury or Grands sweet rolls – .30/1 – will triple at Kroger – .10 rolls when they are 10/$10

Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust – .40/1 – will double at Kroger – .20 pizza crust when they are 10/$10
(both of these coupons have January expiration dates!)

Nestle or Wonka fun size bags – $1/3 – stock up on Halloween candy

Lawry’s marinade – .50/1 – goes 10/$10 at Kroger all the time – free marinade (get them quick or you won’t be able to find them)

Get extra savings with CVS and UPromise.com

If you have not yet heard of UPromise.com, it is a website that allows you to earn cash back to put toward college savings for your kids. You register your store reward scan cards (CVS, Kroger, etc.) and when you purchase participating items, the cash credits back to your account. You can also register your credit cards and earn additional cash back when you make purchases at participating retailers.

Here are a few more ways you can earn money through UPromise:
*Shop online through affiliate links (over 600 stores to choose from)
*Eat at participating restaurants
*Have other family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles without children, etc.) register their cards and contribute to your account as well

Right now, UPromise is offer triple cash back for the following items purchased at CVS: (10/10-10/24/08)

•BIC® Razors
•Clearasil® Facial Creams & Cleansers
•Charmin® Bath Tissue and wipes
•Elmer’s® Glue
•Elmer’s® Paintastics
•Hefty® OneZip® Storage& Freezer Bags
•Instant Krazy® Glue
•Listerine® Smart Rinse™ Mouthwash
•Listerine® AGENT CoolBlue™ Rinse

In addition, you can add e-coupons to your card on UPromise.com and get additional savings for college. Some of the coupons they have currently include: Huggies, Motrin, Tylenol, Charmin, and Bic razors.

Sign up today or register your CVS card and add e-coupons if you haven’t already at UPromise.com.

Cheap photos from Snapfish through 10/11

If you’ve been holding off on developing your photos, this is a great deal!

Celebrate fall with special savings. For 3 days only you can get 50 4×6 mail-order prints for only a penny each!*

Additional 4×6 prints are just 9¢ each – that’s up to 50% lower than comparable online photo services!

Archival-quality papers and inks mean you get the best quality for the best value

Get creative with fun borders and tints

Our 110% quality guarantee means you’ll love your prints!

Use coupon code FALLPENNY08 at checkout. Hurry, this offer ends Saturday, October 11!

Jump Start ~ Deals for the week of 10/12-10/18

I’ve got lots going on this weekend, so I thought I’d jump start the deals for next week. It looks like a pretty slow week overall, but there are a few good deals here and there.

I’m so disappointed in the candy deals so far. Last year I didn’t pay a cent for any of my Halloween candy and I had bags and bags. This year there haven’t been any super exciting candy deals, but you can get it for $1/bag at CVS this week.

CVS – full add scans, courtesy of Hot Coupon World, can be found here:


ECB deals:

*Get $2 ECB when you buy 2 Nature’s Bounty Vitamins or Supplements (they are also BOGO this week….if you have coupons, this could be a really nice deal) (printable coupons here: http://www.naturesbounty.com/pages/signup.aspx)

*Nestle Pure Life water – $4.49, get $1 ECB

$1/1 coupon in the 8/3 RP insert – expires 11/3/08
Printable coupon here: http://www.everydayeating.com/specialoffers/default.aspx

*Spend $10 on Swiffer products listed, get $5 ECB: Swiffer sweeper starter kit – $7.99, Swiffer dry/wet cloths – $6.99 (printable coupons here: http://www.swiffer.com/swiffer/en_US/promotions.do?utm_source=swiffer_moneybackguarantee&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=Save%2BOver%2B15)

*Buy 2 Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure, get $3 ECBs

$1/1 coupon in the 9/14 RP, expires 12/31/08

*Buy 2 Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew or Ultra-Lift, get $7 ECB

$1/1 coupon in the 9/14 RP, expires 12/31/08

*Buy 24.7 Minerals Face Makeup or 24.7 skincare, get $5 ECB

*Spend $10 on Cover Girl, get $3 ECB

Coupons in the 9/14 and 9/28 P&G inserts (if you still have the BOGO face coupon, this works out well)

*Buy Adidas fragrances, get $5 ECB

*Spend $10 on Dove, Caress or Lever products, get $3 ECB

*Skin Vitals Mask – $2.99, get $2 ECB

*Spend $15 on John Frieda, get $5 ECB

There have been lots of coupons for this in All You magazine

*Colgate Total Advanced Clean/Advanced Fresh/Advanced White toothpaste – $3.49, get $2 ECB

Coupons in October All You, 9/28 SS insert, and printable coupons here: http://offers.e-centives.com/siflo/reg/survey.cfm?s=Yz0xJmY9MSZjdT0xJmJxPTEmdmlkPTY2MSZvPTE4MTUyMjEmcD0xODE3MDI2JnB0PTEmY289NDAyJmZ3ZWI9MSZzYz0zMjcmY2lkPTEwMDQ3MzQ4OTUmclVSTD0lMkZzaWZsbyUyRnBvc3RyZWdpc3RlciUyRWNmbSUzRnZpZCUzRDY2MSUyNnQlM0QxJTI2cyUzRDEwMjUzNjg2NjIlMjZmd2ViJTNEMSUyNmNvJTNENDAyJTI2c2MlM0QzMjclMjZpZCUzRDdjNmY5YTgzJTJEYzFhMCUyRDRlYjElMkQ4OTJmJTJEYzcyMjY5ZmEyOWY2JnM9MTAyNTM2ODY2MiZpZD03YzZmOWE4My1jMWEwLTRlYjEtODkyZi1jNzIyNjlmYTI5ZjY%3D

*Oral B Pulsonic power toothbrush – $59.995, get $20 ECB

*Tampax tampons – $5.99, get $3 ECB

*Always Infinity pads – $4.98, get $1 ECB (they are free after ECBs this week?!)

*Dulcolax – $6.99, get $2 ECB

*Accu-Chek diabetes monitor – $19.99, get $10 ECB (there is also a MIR so you could get the $9.99 back)

*Buy Claritin D – $18.99, get $2 ECB

Printable coupons on Claritin.com

*Buy Zyrtec – $18.99, get $1 ECB

*GPS Navigation for Dummies – $99.99, get $10 ECB

*Sobe/Propel/Gatorade – $5/5 – buy 5, get $3 ECB

BOGO deals:

*CVS batteries

*Nature’s Bounty vitamins

*Revlon face, eye, lip, nail, or beauty tools

*Almay cosmetics

*Osteo Bi-flex

*All laundry detergent – printable coupons here: http://www.befresh.com/?tqnm=rhooedm81071087&o=53066&c=bf&p=p53066d20080815094624&cl=&cp=&eb=1&ci=&bq=&r=&lang=&cista=0


All You Magazine and 8/17 RP

(if you use 2 $1/1 coupons, you should be able to get two bottles for $3.49-$4.49 depending on prices in your area)

*Right Guard/Soft & dri/Dry Idea deodorant

Other deals:

*Mar’s candy – 2/$3 – $1/2 coupon in 9/28 SS insert

*Gold Emblem spices – .88 (I use these all of the time)

*Pepperidge Farm goldfish – 2/$3

KROGER – ad/coupon match ups are here: http://www.hotcouponworld.com/forums/kroger-texas-louisiana/168934-re-kroger-tx-la-ad-oct-9-14-2008-done.html

WALGREENS – full ad scans can be found here: http://docs.google.com/View?docid=dccpgn8g_216sjhsrqd7

(some of the pages were kind of fuzzy, so I may have missed some of the deals)

RR deals:

*2 liter soda (Dr. Pepper, 7 Up, A&W, Canady Dry, Hawaiian Punch, Sunkist) – 4/$5, get $2 RR

*Buy $15 of products, get $5 RR (Bertoli – $6, Hellman’s – 2/$7, Skippy/Ragu – 3/$5, Breyer’s – 2/$7, Country Crock – 2/$3)

*Buy Crest toothpaste – 2/$6, get $2 RR

*Buy Kotex – 2/$9, get $3 RR

*Buy 2, Get $5 RR: Dimetapp or Robitussin – $3.99, Centrum/Caltrate – $6.99, Advil – $6.99

*Alka Seltzer Plus – 2/$10, get $3 RR

*Vicks cold products – 3/$12, get $4 RR


*Lysol cleaners, disinfecting wipes, spray

*Renuzit odor neutralizer

*Zout – there is a printable mail in rebate form here: http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=rjagfrg54762573&bt=wi&o=52886&c=DZ&p=Q2IOUlpA

There were also coupons in the 8/10 SS – so you make $ if you buy these

*Hefty OneZip bags – $1/2 coupon in the 8/3 RP insert

*Jane cosmetics

Other deals:

*Arm & Hammer laundry detergent – $2.99 – $1 Easysaver coupon = $1.99 (there is a printable coupon here:

So…. $.99 for detergent! 🙂

*Campbell’s cream soups – 5/$4 with in ad coupon (cheaper than the grocery store)

*Bonne Bell cosmetics – 40% off – great for stocking stuffers or birthday party gift bags if you have little girls! – these are listed at 2/$3 online, which would make them 2/$1.80 after the 40% off and then there are $1/2 printable coupons on coupons.com making them .80 for two!

*Sara Lee bread – 2/$4 (cheaper than the grocery store)

*Butterball chicken broth – 2/$1 (using in ad coupon)

*$.89 Reynold’s wrap (with in ad coupon)