Website of the week Wednesday: Springpad

Are you guilty of having multiple browser windows and/or tabs open at the same time? Are you having trouble finding things in your Bookmarks because you have so many?  Don’t worry – I can totally relate!  Before I discovered Springpad, that was me and it drove my husband CRAZY!  Plus, if my computer crashed or shut down for any reason, I lost all of my links if I had open windows or tabs.

I have been using Springpad for about a month now and I absolutely love it!  In a nutshell, it’s an online organizer.  You can keep notes, recipes, restaurants, books, movies, and to do lists all in one spot.  You can also share your favorites with friends by e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter!  They even have an app for iphone and Android users!  The best part is that it’s completely FREE!

I love browsing the “Menu Plan Monday” posts on Orgjunkie, and since I added the “Spring it!” link to my toolbar on my web browser, all I have to do is click that button and I can easily add the recipes I want to try.  Plus, I can browse recipes that my friends are going to try for even more inspiration.  When one of my friends recommends a favorite book online, I can just add that, oo!

If you decide to check out Springpad, let me know what you think!

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