Website of the week Wednesday:!

Our family seems to always be “on the go” and even though we have a family calendar where I try to keep track of things, it’s not always easy, especially if we are not AT home to keep track of things!  I recently discovered and it has helped me to solve this problem.  I love it!

You create one account for your family and my favorite feature is the family calendar.  Each family member gets assigned a color and you can appointments and events for different family members to the calendar.  If your school participates, you can also import the school calendar to your family calendar.  My daughter’s school participates, so this made things even easier for us!  Every family member who has an e-mail address can log in to access the calendar.  You can also send yourself reminders as events come up!  Now, my husband can’t say he doesn’t know what we have “going on” as a family, either. 

Some other features include a shopping list, a to do list, and a journal.  You can send things from your shopping list or your to-do list to your e-mail or to your phone!  Again, these are great features if you’re on the go a lot!

They also have a “live simply” section that has great ideas for meal planning, home organization, and family friendly activities/tradition ideas.

If you feel like you’re having trouble keeping all of the “pieces” of your busy life together, check out!

Disclaimer:  I did not receive any incentives from for publishing this article.  I just think it’s a great site that has really helped to simplify things for my family and wanted to share!