Website of the week Wednesday: Netflix

After seeing and receiving advertisements for Netflix for years, my husband and I decided to sign up a few months ago after we saw something about “Netflix Streaming.”  Basically, with Netflix Streaming, you can instantly watch TV episodes and movies on your TV via Netflix ready devices like game consoles (currently XBox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii) and Blu Ray players.  If your Netflix ready device is connected to the internet already, all you have to do is put in their instant streaming disc (they send it to you for free) and you’re ready to go!  You can go online and place different TV shows and movies into your queue and watch whenever you’re ready!

Since they were offering a two week free trial, we decided to check it out.  To be honest, my intent was to cancel when the free trial was over, but we found that we really enjoyed it.  Now that I am done with work for the summer, I have been enjoying it even more!  Our service is only $8.99 per month (it’s $2 extra if you want Blu Rays instead of regular DVDs) which includes unlimited instant streaming and one DVD at a time (unlimited “rentals” per month).  If you rent at least two DVDs a month, this plan would pay for itself.  It’s been really great for us because I always have a hard time remembering to return DVDs on time, so even though I usually use a free code or coupon to rent DVDs, I end up paying late fees which is not a bargain!

I have also found that the turn around time is REALLY fast.  For example, I sent a DVD back yesterday.  They already received it today and sent out my next DVD!

Here are some more details about the plan if you’re not familiar with it:
*There are no due dates or late fees
*There are no per-movie rental fees
*Membership fees cover your shipping and handling
*You may cancel at any time!

To sweeten the deal, there are several places where you can earn incentives for signing up with Netflix!

*Ebates is currently offering $13 cash back (this will almost pay for two months of the plan, especially if you haven’t signed up with Ebates before because you get a $5 sign-on bonus!)

*My Points is currently offering 1,000 points for signing up!