Walgreens scenarios for the week of 5/10

You can access coupon match-ups for this week’s scenarios here. If you are new to shopping at Walgreens, be sure to read the tips at the end of the match ups post.

Here are some suggestions for the deals this week: (you can skip or “roll” as it works for you – just remember, you can’t roll the same RR into another RR deal and you can’t roll the Bayer deals into each other)

$40.24 in merchandise for $3.26 OOP, $2.49 RR left to spend
Transaction #1:
Buy 1 Bayer Breeze 2 blood glucose meter – $14.99
Buy 1 Reach toothbrush – .99 (w/ in ad coupon)

Use $30 coupon
Use $1 Reach coupon

Spend $0, get a $5 RR

Transaction #2:
Buy Roots of Nature Hair Care – $6
Buy Tuf paper towels – $.59 w/ in ad coupon (this is a filler item)

Use $1 Roots coupon
Use $5 Bayer RR

Spend $.59 OOP, get a $6 RR

Transaction #3:
Buy 3 Kellogg’s cereals – 3/$10
Buy 1 Swanson Chicken broth – $.69 w/ in ad coupon (this is a filler item)

Use 3 $1 Kellogg’s printables
Use $6 Roots RR

Spend $1.69, get a $3 RR

Transaction #4:
Buy Colgate Dental Care – $2.99
Buy 3 Armour vienna sausages – 2/$1 w/ in ad coupon

Use $1 Colgate coupon
Use $3 Kellogg’s RR

Spend .49, get $2 RR

Transaction #5:
Buy Bayer Quick Release Crystals – $2.49

Use $2 Colgate RR

Spend $.49 OOP, get $2.49 RR

Some helpful tips:
*At Walgreens, you cannot do a promotion more than once in a transaction and earn Register Rewards. So, if you buy more than 1 Breeze meter in one transaction this week, you will only earn one $5 RR.

*You also cannot use the Register Rewards earned from a promotion on the same promotion and earn Register Rewards again. For example, if you buy a Colgate toothbrush, get a $2 RR and use it to buy another Colgate toothbrush, another RR will not print.

*Register Rewards are considered to be “manufacturer’s coupons” and you can only use one manufacturer’s coupon per item. You will have to add “filler” items. The in ad coupons often have good, inexpensive filler items. (see the weekly match ups for some cheap filler items from this week’s ad)

*If you are buying items that would result in a “free” item or “overage” when combining a store coupon and a manufacturer’s coupon, give the manufacturer’s coupon FIRST, and the store coupons LAST to avoid beeping/issues at the register!

*If your Register Reward doesn’t print for some reason and you have fulfilled all of the obligations for the “deal” DO NOT let them tell you it is because you used coupons! Chances are they didn’t print because the catalina machine is not working. You have two choices: you can return your items and try again or you can contact the catalina company by doing the following:
*The store will give you a form to fill out and mail in to catalina
*Call 1-888-8coupon, option 3
*Use the online form to contact them: Contact Catalina Marketing (when I have tried contacting them this way, my results have not been very good….your best bet is to call)