Updates on the Tinkerbell TRU deal

It sounds like the Tinkerbell deal didn’t go quite as smoothly as it should have.  I have done lots of movie deals at Toys ‘R Us and I’m so disappointed that this one has become such a hassle.  I didn’t make it out yesterday to do this deal, but after reading through threads on Slick Deals and other message boards, here are a few tips:

*There seem to be some “issues” with the “free” $10 gift card if you pre-ordered Tinkerbell.  Reportedly, it works best if you bring a blank gift card to the register and ask them to add $10 to it.

*It sounds like it works best if you have them ring up each item separately.  It appears to work best if you ring items in this order:
-Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue Blu Ray DVD combo
-Gift card (ask them to add $10)
(your total should be $39.99 after you add this)
-Pre order card for Beauty and the Beast – $5 (this should deduct $10 automatically, which brings your total down to $34.99)

*Scan your “discounts” in this order:
-Scan the Tinkerbell pre-order card bar codes (this should deduct $10 for your pre-order deposit and $10 for the Tinkerbell gift card bringing your total to $14.99)
-Scan the $10 manufacturer’s coupon
(Your total should be $4.99 after discounts)

*The $5/25 Toys R Us coupon does not appear to be working if you are only buying the movies.  It does appear to be working if you add the Hasbro games, Leap Frog tag books, or other items.  You can find scenarios here.

I hope this helps make your trips run a little smoother!!

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  1. I am surprised people are having trouble. It worked perfect for me. I bought another toy that was price 12.99 and the total for the Tinkerbell movie, preorder for Beauty and the Beast, the watch, and the toy was $13.76. I was extremly excited and I have the $10 gift card.

  2. Both coupons worked marvelous for me, but I also purchased the "buy two get one" on Barbies and two other items. Thank you SO much for all you do to help us save money.