Totsy: Sesame Street, Bum Cheeks cloth diapers, lovies + more!

Totsy has some more great deals today! Remember, these are limited time offers and the best deals tend to sell out fast. Once an item is sold out, it’s usually gone for good!

Here are my favorite finds today:

They’ve got super cute Sesame Street apparel for boys AND girls in infant and toddler sizes. ┬áIt makes me wish I had little ones again!

If you’ve been thinking about cloth diapering to save money, they’ve got cute and trendy styles to choose from and they’re more than 50% off!

If your little one needs a lovey, they’ve got super cute ones, too, and they’re just $9.25!

The cute stuff always sells out quickly, so hurry and sign in here and grab what you love!


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