Tip of the Day Tuesday: Where to find coupons

One of the most common questions I see from people who are new to using coupons or who want to get started using coupons is “Where can I find coupons?”

Insert Coupons ~ Almost every Sunday with the exception of holiday weekends, there are inserts in the Sunday paper that contain coupons.  The three inserts that typically come in the Sunday paper are:  Smartsource (the abbreviation for this on message boards and blogs is typically SS), Red Plum (the abbreviation for this on message boards and blogs is typically RP), and Procter & Gamble (the abbreviation for this on message boards and blogs is typically PG). 

I got a subscription to my Sunday paper for $40 for an entire year, which is less than I would have spent to buy the papers individually each week.  Many “dollar” stores also have the Sunday papers available if you want to buy multiple copies and get multiple insert coupons.

Coupon Clipping Services ~ If you feel like the coupons on the Sunday paper aren’t really for items you use or buying papers and clipping coupons is overwhelming, you may want to check out a coupon clipping service.  This allows you to pick only the coupons you want.  The cost per coupon is typically minimal (ranging from $.05-.08 on average) although the cost may be more expensive for “hot” coupons (ranging from $.25-.40).  Some of the “hot” coupons I have gotten in the past include high dollar Electrasol coupons (I was able to get boxes of Electrasol for $.25 each), Buy One Get One Free Purex coupons (which allowed me to get free Purex when paired with a BOGO free store promotion), and free dog food. 

I have had many people ask me why I would “pay” for coupons when I’m trying to save money.  I understand.  At first, it seems a bit counterproductive.  But, if I’m able to pay $.25 for a coupon and get something that I need and will use that is normally $3-4 for “free” then it is worth it.

I also try to stockpile items which means that I stock up on items when they are on sale and when I have coupons to match with them.  To do this, I need multiples of coupons.  Another benefit of coupon clipping services is that you can get coupons that may not have been available in your area.  Coupons are often regional which means that some areas don’t get certain coupons at all and also that amounts will vary from region to region.

Here are two great coupon clipping services: (I have used both of them multiple times)

*My Coupon Hunter (unlike most coupon clipping services, she doesn’t have a minimum purchase requirement and typically doesn’t limit quantities – her turn around time is fast and she ships from Florida)

*Collectable Coupons (turn around time is fast, prices are typically less than My Coupon Hunter, but there is a minimum purchase requirement of $2.50)

Online ~ There are a lot of great printable coupons online!  These coupons typically have a print limit, and lately the “hot” coupons have been going quickly, so if you see a link for a coupon that you think you’ll use, print it right away!

Here are some great sites where you can print coupons:

Coolsavings.com (must register)




Slick Deals also has an A-Z printable coupon list that has been a great resource for me!  Also, check out manufacturer’s websites.  They often have a “savings” or “special offers” link with printable coupons.

Facebook ~ Lately, Facebook has been offering a number of “hot” printable coupons and mailer coupons for become a fan of company’s pages.

Blinkie machines ~ Blinkie machines are the machines you will find in stores that have the blinking red light and spit out coupons. Most of the time, these coupons are not store specific!  These coupons do typically specify “do not double or triple.”

On the packaging of the actual products – Some products have a “peelie” coupon on the outside that can be peeled off and used toward that purchase. Many products also have coupons on the box or inside the box.

Magazines ~ More and more magazines are starting to include manufacturer’s coupons.  All You Magazine always contains a number of “hot” coupons.  I have also found great coupons in Family Fun Magazine and Family Circle Magazine.

Ebay ~ Believe it or not, you can get coupons on eBay.  Keep in mind that you are not paying for the actual coupons.  You are paying for the seller’s time to gather and clip the coupons.  If you do decide to buy coupons on eBay, make sure you check the seller’s feedback!  If you need the coupons quickly for a big sale, you will also want to see where they are shipping from to make sure that they will arrive in time.

Tear pads – Tear pads are coupons that are typically found on displays of products in stores. They are sometimes also found on the doors in the refrigerated or frozen foods sections.

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