Tip of the Day Tuesday: Loadable coupons means bigger grocery savings for YOU!

Many times, I will reference “loadable coupons” as I am doing my match-ups on my blog and I have had several people ask me more for more information.  I have also had people contact me to ask what they can do because their loadable coupons didn’t come off at the register.

You can find all of the “scoop” about how loadable coupons work and how to load them to you customer loyalty cards (if your stores use them) in this article here:
Loadable Online Coupons Means Bigger Grocery Savings for Savvy Shoppers:  Four Ways to Save Even More at the Grocery store!

Right now, in most cases, you can use the loadable coupons and paper coupons on top of that.  This may be changing in the near future, but for now I love it!

Have you tried using loadable coupons yet?  What is your favorite site?  How’s it working out for you?