Tip of the Day Tuesday: What’s in MY pantry

As people are first starting to coupon and to stockpile, I often get questions about what to stockpile.  The rule of thumb is to stockpile the things that your family will actually use!  Otherwise, you end up wasting a lot of space on things that will end up going to waste.  If you’re just getting started with stockpiling, you might also want to check out my “What I’m Willing to Pay for Things” post.

Since we’re talking about frugal recipes and cooking from your stockpile this month, I thought I’d share what’s in my “pantry.”  My pantry is not very big so my stockpile also extends into my garage on several shelving units and I even have some of it stored in various closets throughout the house (we’ll talk about creative ways to stash your stockpile this month, too!)    One of these days, maybe I’ll get around to taking and sharing some pictures, too.

Having said that, here are some of the things that I stockpile:

Applesauce ~ the small single serve cups

Beans ~ baked beans, black beans, pinto beans, ranch style beans, kidney beans, refried beans (I have the cans and the bags of dry beans)

Brownie/cake mixes ~ these are great to have on hand when you need to take a last minute treat somewhere or just to have a treat for your family every now and then! (I stock up when I can get them for $.20 or less)

Canned “convenience” foods (things like Spaghetti-Os and Chef Boyardee pasta)

Canned meats ~ chicken, ham, and tuna (lately I’ve been buying the tuna pouches)

Canned soups ~ This includes “cream” soups, tomato soup, beef and chicken broth, and Progresso type soups

Canned fruit ~ a variety

Canned vegetables ~ a variety

Cereal ~ we usually go through at least 2 boxes a week, and I usually have 30+ boxes in my stockpile

Condiments ~ ketchup, mustard, marinades, soy sauce, dressings, etc.


Fruit snacks/fruit roll ups

Juice (bottles of juice, juice boxes, and Capri Sun)

Macaroni & cheese/Easy Mac

Oatmeal ~ the instant stuff

Pasta (a variety of noodles)

Pasta sauce

Pop Tarts

Potatoes (the Betty Crocker boxed potatoes and instant mashed potatoes)

Pudding and Jell-O cups


Seasoning packets (Ranch, taco, Italian, chili, etc.)


Tomatoes ~ diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, RoTel, etc.