Tip of the Day Tuesday: Stock up in season

Buying “in season” doesn’t just apply to fruits and vegetables. When you have been couponing for awhile, you start to see trends in the sale items. If you match your coupons with the sale items, you can often get things pretty cheap

This time of year is the perfect time to stock up on:
*broth (chicken/beef) – you can usually brand name for .30-.40/can
*cream soups (cream of chicken, cream of mushroom, etc.) – you can usually get Campbells for .50-.60/can
*baking items (chocolate chips, flour, sugar, etc.) – if you have a Kroger store, take advantage of the Mega Sale going on right now!
*soup in general (you can get cans of Progresso or Campbells ready to serve for .50-$1 and sometimes free depending on your coupons)
*canned vegetables (you can get them anywhere from .39-.50/can right now)
*cold medicines

If you want to start stocking up, at Walgreens this week, you can get ButterBall chicken broth for .39/can. Campbell’s cream soups are 5/$4. Don’t forget the Mega Sale at Kroger for baking items!

Some people stockpile so that they have an emergency reserve of goods for times of need (unemployment, natural disaster, etc.). I have used mine for both situations. Having a stockpile also helps you to save money on groceries. When I see that there is going to be a good sale on something and there are coupons to match, I usually get a large number of coupons (10-20) and stock up. Then, I don’t ever HAVE to pay full price for these items. I am able to wait until there’s another good sale and stock up again. It’s also nice because I usually don’t have to worry about making last minute trips to the grocery store.

If you’re still having doubts about stockpiling, check out this article on the Five Myths of Stockpiling: