Tip of the Day Tuesday: Dealing with Bargain Burn-out

If you’re new to bargain hunting, you may think that it will never happen to you because you’re on such a bargain high, but eventually it is a phenomenon that happens and I like to call it “bargain burn out.” If you find that your coupon inserts have been stacking up for the last week or two or you can’t find the energy to drag yourself out to CVS to do the deals, you may be suffering from bargain burn-out and that’s OK!

Here are a few tips for dealing with bargain burn-out:

Ask yourself “Do I really need this?” and “Will I really use it?”
If you’re feeling burned out, and that “to go or not to go” argument is running through your mind, ask yourself if the “deal” is something you really need. Also consider how great of a deal it really is and the likelihood that you’ll even be able to find it when you go out looking for it. Prioritizing is important. If it’s not a “critical” item, then it’s OK. Another deal will come along before you know it, and even if it doesn’t, you’ll be OK because it wasn’t something you really needed in the first place.

Give yourself permission to take a break
I’ve been a bargain hunter for several years now, and I’ve learned through the years that you don’t have to do every single deal that comes along (in fact, when you do this, you drive yourself to burn out) and it’s OK to take a break from hard core bargain hunting every now and then. Give yourself permission to take some time off because there will be plenty of other deals down the road.

Take time for yourself
Bargain hunting can sometimes seem like a full time job. Don’t forget to take time for yourself to do something else that you love.


  1. And then pretty soon an awesome bargain- moneymaker will pull you back in and you’ll get that high again! It’s just a cycle that we all learn to deal with!

    Good post Melissa!