Thrifty Thursday: Stocking your spice cabinet on a budget

When I first started using coupons, I didn’t realize the extent of “stuff” that you can get for free or close to free using coupons. When I started “extreme couponing” I began stockpiling health and beauty items mainly from CVS deals and eventually started stockpiling groceries, too, but it took me awhile to catch on to the “deals” that you can get to stock your spice cabinet, too!

Walgreens and CVS usually have sales on their spices where they are 2/$1 (they are on sale at Walgreens this week!). They have a lot of the “basics” that we use regularly – beef bouillon, chicken bouillon, parsley, paprika, cinnamon, garlic salt, garlic power, onion powder, and pepper. I love to “stock up” during these sales. Plus, they make great fillers!

For those not so common spices, McCormick frequently releases coupons for $.25/1 spice. By itself, that probably seems like it’s hardly worth it. But, my grocery store triples coupons up to a face value of $.39, so once that coupon triples, I’m saving $.75! Sometimes, they have specialty things (seasoning mixes for steaks and chicken) that go 10 for $10 and I’m able to get them super cheap when they do that! This also helps to cut down my out of pocket expenses on other spices when I’m ready to re-stock.

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  1. Good Tip! I have even found that bargain stores like Big Lots, Marc's and local cheapy stores have spices for like 2 for $1.00 and honestly they aren't bad. They are mostly basic though nothing like Emeril's or anything.

  2. I like to order my spices in bulk from this company:

    They have a base shipping rate no matter how much you order so going in together with several people can work out nicely for it – or just order for yourself. You can buy a big canister of a spice for the same price as a little bottle at the grocery store.

    At my Kroger, you can buy a standard size little bottle of generic store brand oregano (.67 oz) for $1.00. That comes to about $1.47/ounce.
    I can order a 5oz. Canister of oregano from that site for $3.49 and it breaks down to $0.69/oz!

    I keep the big canisters down in my food storage in my basement, and then use them to refill my smaller bottles that I keep up in my kitchen!

    So basically in a nutshell, another great way to save on spices besides doing coupons (which I've gotten a ton for cheap with coupon too!) is to look into buying them in bulk as well.

  3. Coupon Teacher says:

    I find that I can often get some of the McCormick spices free after coupon too!