Thrifty Thursday: Spring Break fun on a Budget

Spring Break is approaching quickly. In the past, we have always taken some sort of family vacation, even if it was only for a day or two, but that is not in the budget for us this year, so we’ve been brainstorming budget-friendly family fun ideas.

Here are a few that we’ve come up with so far:

*Free family night at the Children’s Museum ~ Check out your local zoo and Children’s Museum.  Our local zoo has several free family fun days and our local children’s museum has a free family night once a week!

*Family game night ~ Between the big Toys ‘R Us sale and the Amazon sale, we stocked up on family games during December.  We’ve had a few game nights here and there, but I think a big family game night is in the works and the kids are super excited!

*Family movie night ~ We’re going to pull out the pillows and blankets, pop some popcorn, and let each of the kids pick a favorite movie.  We’ll either raid our movie collection or use a free Redbox code. If we go to Walgreens to use a free Redbox code, maybe I’ll use some of my RRs and let everyone pick out a “movie theater” box of candy, too!

*Treasure Hunt ~ Have you heard of Letterboxing or Geocaching?  Essentially, it’s like a game of hide and seek.  People hide a letterbox or cache and then post clues (in the case of Letterboxing) or GPS coordinates and clues (in the case of Geocaching) online and you try to find them.  You can enter your zip code and find locations that are near you.  We’re excited to go on our first treasure hunt!

Do you have a tip for family fun on a budget or another Thrifty Thursday tip?  Feel free to link up and share!

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  1. The Prudent Patron says:

    Great ideas Melissa!

  2. Your Frugal Friend, Niki says:

    I read about that geocaching thing before and then promptly forgot about it.

    Thanks for sharing about it! I really want to try this with the fam.