The LEGO Movie Top Deals!


The LEGO Movie is finally being released on DVD and Blu Ray TODAY!  My kids loved this movie!  We pre-ordered a copy on Amazon, so it should be arriving any time now!

The LEGO Movie Top Deals

If you’re looking for the best deal on The LEGO Movie, Amazon has the Blu Ray/DVD Combo pack for just $17.99!  Get your copy here–> The LEGO Movie Blu Ray/DVD Combo Pack

Best Buy also has the Blu Ray/DVD Combo pack priced at $17.99 and it includes free shipping, too!  Get it here–> The LEGO Movie Blu Ray/DVD Combo pack

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To get the most bang for your buck, visit your local Target store and price match the $17.99 price on Amazon.  Then, you can save an additional $10 off select LEGO sets and video games AND if you have a Target Red Card, you’ll save 5% on top of that!  This means you can potentially score the combo pack and a LEGO set for $31!

If you would rather have the DVD, here are the deals you can get:

Amazon – The LEGO Movie DVD – $14.96

Best Buy – The LEGO Movie DVD – $14.99

Target – The LEGO Movie DVD – $14.99 (you can save 5% and get free shipping if you use the Target Red Card!)

Walmart – The LEGO Movie DVD – $14.96

These are not the only deals.  They are just the BEST deals!  You can also find this deal at CVS, Toys ‘R Us, Walgreens, and your local grocery stores, but the deals aren’t as good!

NOTE:  This post contains affiliate links.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for additional information.

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