The best deals on Disney’s BOLT movie

My husband took my daughter to see BOLT during the Christmas holidays. She hasn’t stopped talking about it since then and has anxiously been awaiting the release of the DVD.

Our copy will actually be a $4 moneymaker because I got it for free from by using gift cards that I earned through Swagbucks (to learn more about Swagbucks, click here). Then, I will submit the $4 mail in rebate here.

If you have gift cards that you have earned through Swagbucks and want to get Bolt, you can buy the regular DVD for $15.99 (you get free super saver shipping if you spend $25) or the Blu Ray for $26.99.

If you want to buy Bolt at a regular store, there is a printable coupon for $5 off the regular DVD here and $10 off the Blu Ray here (the coupons expire on 3/31). Don’t forget to take advantage of the $4 mail in rebate.

Here are the best deals (courtesy of Slick Deals):

Bluray deals (prices after $10 printable coupon)
*Toys R Us $15 ($11 after rebate)
*Fry’s Electronics $15 ($11 after rebate)
*Target $17 ($13 after rebate)
*Walmart $18 ($14 after rebate)
*Best Buy $18 ($14 after rebate)

DVD deals (prices after $5 printable coupon)
Target $11 ($7 after rebate)
WalMart $12 ($8 after rebate)
Best Buy $12 ($8 after rebate)
Toys R Us $13 ($9 after rebate)
Fry’s Electronics $15 ($11 after rebate)

UPDATE: HOT deal at Target

Target has a deal this week where you get an instant $10 off when you buy Bolt and Lilo and Stitch. There is also an additional $5 Disney rebate when you buy Rayovac batteries and any Disney movie here. (thanks Beth!)

Here’s a scenario thanks to annabellesmommy8 on BBC:
Buy Bolt – 15.99
Buy Lilo & Stitch – 15.99

-$10 off for buying both at Target
-$5 Bolt printable coupon

Total OOP (in store) = $16.98

-$4 “pasta” mail in rebate
-2 $5 Disney/Rayovac rebates

Total OOP after rebates = $2.98

(According to her, “the fine print” just says on any Disney DVD and it’s only limit of one per person in RI so that means for those of you buying both the Lilo & Stitch & Bolt you can send in for 2 $5 rebates.)

*Also keep your eyes open for $6 off when you buy both movies peelie coupons…if you find these, it’s a $3.02 moneymaker when all is said and done! (thanks three_kids_mom!)


  1. Thanks so much! If I can snag this without the kids seeing it, it can go in an Easter basket! 🙂

  2. Simonsen Family says:

    I keep trying to print the coupon and I can’t seem too- I do teh down load and run it, finish it and then it starts all over again- any idea what I might be doing wrong???? I already downloaded the bar for
    any help or ideas would be GREAT!

    Lots of Love,

  3. Sarah – Mine will go in an Easter basket, too! I got HSM 3 when there was a deal at Target a few weeks ago but didn’t have anything for my son yet, so now I do!

    Becki – Are you using Firefox? For some reason, I always have that problem when I use Firefox, but I can get it to work when I switch to Internet Explorer. It could be security software, too. I know I have that same problem when I try to print from my husband’s work laptop and I assumed it was because of all the security software. I think there is a “fix” for Firefox issues, so I will look for it and post it when I find it!

  4. Here's the "fix" for printing coupons (from Slick Deals):
    Sometimes people paste links that they recieved in FireFox, which do not work in Internet Explorer or vice versa. You get the "Please wait…" or "Please Install The Coupon Printer" even if you already did.

    This trick will allow you to simply change 2 characters in the URL to make a FireFox link work in Internet Explorer and vice versa

    Here's how easy it is, the following is a FireFox link:

    note the "wg" in the URL. This link gives the repeating Please Install The Coupon Printer in Internet Explorer.

    To make that link an Internet Explorer link we simply change "wg" to "wi" OR "vi" (in this case, both variations work, other coupons it may be wi or vi, trial and error):

    UPDATE: If you want to print Bricks coupons on a MAC with Safari, replace the "wg", "wi", or "vi" to "xs". You can also do the reverse, take a Safari link "xs" to IE "wi" or "vi" or to FireFox "wg".

    You do the opposite if you want to print an Internet Explorer link in FireFox!

  5. Simonsen Family says:

    Thank You SO SO much!!!! I was and only have internet explorer and I still couldn’t get it to work BUT I did got to and was ablet o print the $5 off from there (YEAHHHH) SO I finally got and the other deals with it….
    Thanks you again SO much for helping me and taking the time to search it out– YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!

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