Target Tide Gift Card Deal!

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If you love Tide, don’t miss out on this Target Tide Gift card deal!    When you buy two participating Tide products, you’ll get a bonus $5 gift card with your purchase!  You can also use coupons on this deal and you can “roll” the gift card from one transaction into the next transaction!

Here are the participating products:

  • 125 oz. Tide original (HE and non-HE)
  • 125 oz. Tide Free (HE and non- HE)
  • 115 oz. Tide Sport (HE and non- HE)
  • 115 oz. Tide Plus Downy (HE and non- HE)

Stock up and save! All of these products contain 25% more detergent for FREE.

  • 1 cap of Tide = 6 caps of the leading bargain brand

This means you’re getting 2X the Tide at a HOT price!!

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