Target: Get 3 DVDs for FREE (just pay shipping!)

Target has another HOT deal today!  You can get three free DVDs!   There are several movies on price cut for $5 and they are included with the Sony promotion:  Buy 2 DVDs, get $10 off instantly!

Click here to take advantage of this deal and get cash back and then search for DVDs from the list of participating items below–>Target two free DVDs

Here is the list of some of the participating DVDs:  buy 2 of these titles and you will only have to pay shipping, which is about $5! 

Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Special Edition) (2 Discs)
It Could Happen to You
My Best Friend’s Wedding
The Indian in the Cupboard
The Way We Were

Then, search for movies that are priced at $5 or less.  To do this, click on “Entertainment” and then “movies” and then the genre and sort by “price low to high.”

Here are some of the titles I found:

27 Dresses – $4.75
Definitely, Maybe – $4.75
Mrs. Doubtfire – $4.75
Napoleon Dynamite – $5
Overboard – $4.75
Rudy – $4.75
Seven Pounds – $4.75

At check-out, enter the code TGT75HFN and $5 will be deducted from your purchase instantly!

NOTE:  You may need to place two separate orders to get the full $15 off.  For some reason, it only deducted $11.75 when I tried to order them all together.

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  1. I tried doing this a week ago to get Indian in the Cupboard and Ghostbusters but they were OOS, so glad you posted this. Got both for $4.79 shipped. Great Christmas gifts for my boys.

  2. I’ve tried to use this deal but it’s not working. Is there a special way to do it or a tip?? thanks Lisa

  3. I tried the promo code for the target deal but it’s telling me the promo code is invalid 🙁

    • Dina – it looks like you commented right around midnight. The promo code expired yesterday and I don’t know what time zone Target operates off of, but depending on that, that is probably why it was showing up as expired.

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