Tanita Body Fat and Biolectric Scale for $16.99 (68% off!)

Graveyard Mall has another great deal today!  Get a Tanita UM-061 Body Fat and Body Water Bioletric Scale for $16.99My scale just stopped working this week, so I’ve been looking for a deal on a scale and this looks like a great one!

Here’s the scoop on this scale:

  • Easy-to-read LCD display
  • 2-person memory
  • Monitors: body weight, body fat %, body water %
  • Weight & body fat % recall
  • Includes batteries

The Tanita UM-061 Body Fat / Body Water Monitor uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA), the same accurate technology found in our professional body composition analyzers used by doctors, medical centers, professional athletic teams, fitness clubs, and personal trainers. Electrodes in the foot sensor pads send a low, safe signal through the body. The signal passes with less resistance through the fluids contained in muscle tissue, but encounters more resistance when passing through fat tissue, which contains little water. By using the impedance reading, gender, height, and weight, the scale can quickly and reliably calculate body fat and total body water percentages.

Grab yours here –>Graveyard MalTanita UM-061 Body Fat and Body Water Bioletric Scale for $16.99

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