Coach Purse Auction live NOW on Tophatter!


If you’ve been wanting a Coach purse, but don’t want to pay retail prices, make sure you check out the Coach purse Auction that just went live on Tophatter! Prices start at $1 and purses are selling for $20-30 each!  Plus, you get a $10 new member credit just for registering!  This means you may be able to score FREE items!!!

Coach Purse Auction live NOW on Tophatter

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If you’re not familiar with Tophatter, it’s a “live” auction.  You can place bids in real time!  Sign up by clicking on the links or images above.  You can quickly connect with your Facebook account and start bidding!

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There will also be a Michael Kors Showcase Auction starting at 8 p.m. Eastern Time! You can RSVP now!

  • There are no “fees” for bidding! (sellers pay all fees)
  • They only allow quality sellers!

Let me know if you get anything good!

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