Need coupons? Check out My Coupon Hunter!

There are no inserts or coupons in the paper this week.  If you want to get great coupons that have been available in previous inserts, you should check out My Coupon Hunter.  People often ask me where I get my coupons from – My Coupon Hunter is my preferred coupon clipping service!  I don’t even have a subscription to the Sunday paper anymore because she makes it so easy to get coupons from the weekly inserts!

Unlike other coupon clipping services, My Coupon Hunter offers a subscription service.  Subscriptions are valid for 90 days and you can get a subscription plan for as low as $5!

How does a subscription plan work?

You pay a flat rate based on the number of coupons you will use. The subscriptions are good for 90 days, but if you need an extension because you haven’t used all of your coupons in 90 days, she is willing to work with you if you e-mail her!  She keeps track of the coupons you order and once your subscription is completed, it will not renew automatically.  You will receive an e-mail when you have used all of the coupons available under your subscription and can decide whether or not you want to renew your subscription.  but if you need an extension just email me and let me know. Nothing is done automatic.  There is a limit of 50 “like” coupons per week.

The following subscription plans are available:

-25 coupons for $5

-60 coupons for $10

-100 coupons for $15

-200 coupons for $25

-500 coupons for $50

-800 coupons for $75

-1000 coupons for $80

What are the benefits?

-You can order multiples of certain “hot” coupons to help you build your stockpile!

-You can order what you want when you need it!

-You don’t have any minimum purchase requirements and you don’t have to pay shipping and handling fees (most other coupon clipping services require both)

I have been ordering my coupons from My Coupon Hunter for a year and a half now and I have never had a bad experience.  Her turn around time is fast and her customer service and communication is outstanding!

To find out more about using coupon clipping services, check out this post here.

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PLEASE NOTE:  I was not compensated by My Coupon Hunter for writing this post – I just love her service!