More Savings Monday: Candy deals this week and Target holiday markdown schedule


If you have procrastinated in buying Halloween candy, it’s not too late! 🙂 There are still some decent deals this week:

CVS – today only

All Hershey’s/Mars/Nestle fun size (9.5-13.3 oz) candy -2/$3 (after today it will be 2/$5) – if they don’t have any in stock, make sure you get a raincheck. You will probably be able to pick it up later in the week after they receive their shipments!

Use the following coupons:

Nestle $1/1 printable coupon:

$1/2 M&Ms or Mars bagged candy from 9/28 and 10/12 RP inserts


All “Treat size” candy – 2/$4 (displayed in ad: Butterfinger, Snickers, Reese’s, Skittles which means you’re covered for Mars/Hersheys/Nestle)

Use the coupons listed above


Fun size candy bags (Mars/Hersheys/Nestle) – 2/$4

Use the coupons listed above


Fun size candy bags (Mars/Hersheys/Nestle) – 2/$4

Use the coupons listed above

TARGET HOLIDAY MARKDOWN SCHEDULE (handy for post Halloween and for other upcoming holidays!)

50% off the day after holiday, for three days

75% off the fourth day after holiday, for three days

90% off the seventh day after holiday, for 1-2 days

*Of course, your experience may vary! I have found that a lot of the stuff goes the first day after the holiday, but at Christmas time, there is still usually a lot of wrapping paper/gift bags/boxes left when it goes to 90% off (if you get there first thing in the morning), and so I always stock up on my wrapping for the next year at that time


Since I live in the land of no K-Mart, I haven’t really mentioned their “Super Double Deals” even though I am envious every time I read the postings with the insane hauls that people got for next to nothing on message boards I frequent. So, if you are NOT in the land of no K-Mart, you may want to check out this thread here:

Here’s a list of stores that are participating (not all are):

Here’s a price list: