Innercool Integrated Cooling System Lunch Sack for $3.25 each!

Innercool Integrated Cooling System Lunch sacks

The Graveyard Mall Deal of the Day today is these Innercool Integrated Cooling System Lunch Sacks.  You can get a 4 pack for just $12.99, which makes them just $3.25 each!  These are great for road trips, school lunches, and even to take to work with you.

What makes InnerCool so cool is its specially engineered, extra layer of SuperCool gel. Your InnerCool cooler with the SuperCool gel layer can be frozen or refrigerated for awesome cooling power while the specially engineered layer allows the bag to be folded compactly and opened even when frozen. And InnerCool’s extra layer of SuperCool gel holds the cold and keeps your items colder, longer than other bag coolers….even without refrigeration!

Click here to grab this deal–> Innercool Integrated Cooling System Lunch Sacks 

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