Gymboree’s Back to School sale

I admit it….I’m hooked on Gymboree. That might seem a bit like an oxymoron since I also claim to love bargains. I know where you’re coming from. I visit a lot of mom-related message boards and for years, I’ve seen the posts about Gymboree, but I basically ignored them because I thought it was way too expensive. Then, when a regular store and an outlet store opened within minutes of my house, I decided to check it out, and I was hooked….it has become an addiction.

Here’s my secret ~ I only buy stuff when it’s on sale, dirt cheap, and then the next year, I sell it! Gymboree clothing has great resale value and because I bought it so inexpensively to begin with, I pretty much get back what I paid for it (and in a few cases, I’ve made more).

Anyway – they are having their Back to School sale right now, which means that their stuff is heavily discounted (up to 60% on brand new lines depending on what you buy).

Items that are normally priced $24.50-44.50 are $20.

Items that are normally priced $19.50-22.50 are $15.

Items that are normally priced $12.50-16.50 are $10.

Socks are 6 pairs for $10.

Currently, they are also offering an additional 20% off of all of their clearance merchandise.

There is a coupon for 20% off your entire purchase in this month’s edition of Parenting magazine.

Combine the sales and the 20% off coupon (I also get an additional 5% because I have a Gymboree Visa), and you can get some really cute kids’ clothes (that also holds up really well) for really cheap!

I forgot to add that these prices are for the regular store, not the outlet. You can’t use coupons at the outlet, either.