Aldi’s Deals for the Week of 8/28

I recently asked for feedback about what changes or new things you’d like to see on my site and it looks like more grocery store match-ups is one of them!  By popular demand, I’m going to start adding Aldi’s deals each week!  This week’s deals are brought to us by Coupon Clippin’ Daddy!

If you are new to shopping, at Aldi’s, here’s their coupon policy: or lack there-of since they don’t actually take coupons!

  • Aldi’s does not take coupons of any kind.
  • At Aldi’s, you will have to bag your own groceries and pay a quarter to get a cart. The quarter is reimbursed when the cart is returned.
  • You’ll need to bring in your own reusable grocery bags or you’ll have to purchase them in the store.

Here are some of the Aldi’s highlights for the week:  remember to check out Coupon Clippin’ Daddy for the rest of the deals!  It’s hard to judge what a “good deal” is since cost of living varies so much in various parts of the country, but these are all “good deals” by my standards in a low to moderate cost of living area!

Kirkwood Chicken Breasts (48oz)   $5.99 (this is cheaper than Walmart in my area and I’m guessing better quality although I can’t say for sure since I don’t have Aldi)

L’oven Fresh Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns   $0.79

Little Salad Bar Garden Salad   $0.79 per bag

Salt Potatoes (5 lb bag)  $1.99

Sweet Harvest Chunky Applesauce   $1.49

Tuscan Gardens Salad Dressings   $1.29

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Kroger deals

I’ve been so wrapped up in CVS and Walgreens deals and I’ve been living off my stockpile for awhile, so I haven’t really been follownig the grocery store deals as much. Kroger has an instant $5 off when you spend $25 on P&G items promotion going on through 1/10/09.

There are a number of loadable P&G E-saver coupons that will work well with this promotion. Unfortunately, you will have to act quickly because they expire tomorrow.

Here are a few things you need to know about this deal:

*You can use paper manufacturer’s coupons in addition to the P&G E-saver coupons.

*You can get up to 2 $5 rewards per transaction.

*The ad does not specify this, but the tags in the store do: The $5 reward is not applied to your P&G items. You need to buy $5 (or $10 if you earn two rewards) in additional merchandise which the $5 will be applied to.

*Check your receipt carefully. Some people are reporting that there is a glitch when you use the E-saver coupons and the $5 is not coming off automatically.

*If you spend $50 on items (pre-coupon, of course), send in your receipt for a P&G coupon book with $120 worth of coupons. Details are here.

Here is my scenario:

Buy 2 Olay Ribbons Body wash – $3.99/each
2 $1/1 coupon from 12-28 P&G insert
BOGO free loadable E-saver coupon

Buy 3 Pantene (2 shampoo, 1 styler) – 3/$10
$3/2 coupon from 12-28 P&G insert
Buy one shampoo or conditioner, get one styler free loadable E-saver coupon

Buy 1 value pack Pampers wipes – $6.59
Use .50/1 coupon from 12-28 P&G insert (this will double)
Use .25/1 loadable E-saver coupon

Buy 1 Downy – $5.99
Use $1 Downy coupon from 12-14 P&G insert
Use .25/1 loadable E-saver coupon

Buy 1 Iams Healthy Naturals dog food – $19.99
Use $3/1 coupon from 12-14 P&G insert
Use $3/1 loadable E-saver coupon

Buy 3 Daisy sour cream – 2/$4
Use 3 .35/1 coupons (from a tear pad) – there are also printable .50/1 coupons on their website and there were .50/1 coupons in a recent insert

Buy 1 Blue Bell ice cream – $3.99
Use $1 printable from

Buy 1 Cottonelle Toilet paper – $1.19
Use .50/1 manufacturer’s coupon from 12-14 SS
Use .50/1 loadable coupon at

Total before coupons = $61.73
Total after coupons = $37.01

Minus instant $10 off = $27.01

Here are some other participating products thanks to loves2savenow at HCW: (prices and participating items may vary by location, so be sure to look for the yellow promotional tag at your store)

Bounty Papertowels 6 ct $7.99
Mr Clean Wipes 60 ct / 62 ct $5.39
Swiffer dust and shine $2.99
Swiffer disposible cloths 16 ct $4.39
Swiffer wet cloths 12 ct $4.49
Downy Fabric softener 60 load $5.99
Febreeze Allergy reducer 27 oz $4.99
Downy simple pleasures and total care fabric softener $5.99
Bounce dryer sheets $5.99
Tide powder 63 and 80 load $10.99
Cheer powder 80 load $10.99
Tide liquid $10.99
Cheer liquid $10.99
Dawn liquid soap $3.69
Cascade (all kinds) $3.99
Charmin (ultra soft and ultra strong) 12 roll $7.99
Bounty select a size 8 roll $7.99
Puffs tissues $1.99
Olay body bars (4 ct) $3.19
Olay cream ribbons body wash 10 oz $3.99
Olay quench body wash 23.6 oz $5.99
Ivory body wash 12 oz $1.99
Old spice body wash 18 oz $4.19
Old spice red zone body wash 12 oz $4.19
Olay face moisturizer (there were tons of different kinds) $8.29 to $19.99
Schick Intuition razor (single count) $7.99
Venus Embrace $8.79
Venus disposible $5.49
Venus Divine $8.59
Venus Breeze $9.79
Fusion power Phantom $10.99
Fusion power Phenom $9.99
Fusion Phenom (not power) $7.79
Fixodent control paste $4.59
Crest pro-health 4.2 oz 2/$5
Crest pro-health 6 oz $3.99
Oral B 40 reg toothbrush $4.29
Oral B Advantage 40 soft toothbrush 2/$5
Crest 6.2 oz toothpaste (many kinds) 2/$5
Kids crest $4.39
Secret flawless deodorant 2.6 oz $4.69
Secret clinical strength deodorant 2.6 oz $8.49 to $11.99
Gillette clinical strength 1.7 oz $8.49 to $8.99
Tag deodorant stick and spray $3.79
Old spice clinical strength deodorant $8.49
Old spice red zone deodorant $3.89
Old spice classic deodorant $2.49
Old spice spray deodorant $3.79
Head and Shoulders 23.7 oz $4.43
Herbal essence shampoo and conditioner in one color me happy 12 oz $1.97
Herbal essence hair spray $3.29
Herbal essence shampoos and conditioners 12 oz $3.29
Pantene (shampoos, conditioners and hair sprays) 3/$10
Tampax 40 ct $6.49
Tampax pearl 36 ct $8.49
Tampax pearl compact 40 ct $8.79
Always dri liner 50 ct $3.39
Stayfree Dry max 28 ct $9.99
Always maxi 36 ct $5.99
Always ultrathin 38 ct $8.99
Pampers 216 ct wipes (the bags not the tubs) $6.59
Pampers diapers (large boxes not the bags) in all sizes (baby dry and cruisers) $25.99
Luvs diapers (bags not the boxes) $11.79
Vicks 44 6 oz bottle $5.99
Nyquil plus Vit C 12 ct $6.49
Nyquil liquid 10 oz $5.79
Dayquil plus Vit C 12 ct $6.49
Dayquil 20 ct $5.79
Pringles minis and selects 2/$5

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