Sweetheart Rose Dollie and Me matching outfit sets for as low as $18!

Hautelook just added Sweetheart Rose Dollie and Me matching outfit sets!  Your little girl and her doll can have matching pajamas, leggings outfits, or even dresses.  Prices start at just $18, which is significantly less than you’ll pay for American Girl doll outfits and they fit the American Girl dolls!  My daughter’s birthday is coming up, so I picked up a set for her!

If you’re new to Hautelookyou can register here–>Sweetheart Rose Dollie and Me sale

NOTE:  If you don’t see the Sweetheart Rose event on your main Hautelook page, click on the “All Events” tab and then Sweetheart Rose.  Don’t forget to tell your friends!  You get a $10 credit every time your friend signs up and makes a purchase.  So, you may be able to score FREE stuff today or FREE items during a later sale!

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