Sunglasses for women and kids for as low as $10.99 shipped!

One of my favorite Graveyard Mall deals is back!  If you’re looking for a deal on sunglasses, this is it!  You can get a box full of sunglasses for women or kids for just $10.99 shipped!  I took advantage of one of these deals last year because sunglasses are a MUST have in Texas and I never seem to be able to find a pair when I need it.  Since they’re so cheap, I don’t mind if I lose one at the pool or anywhere else!  I’m about to grab this deal for my kids so they are stocked up for the summer!

Click on the “Daily Deals” tab through the links below to grab one of these deals:  they always sell out fast, so hurry!

Boys Licensed Sunglasses (6 pair) – $10.99 shipped (styles include Disney, Toy Story, Spider Man and more)

Girls Licensed Sunglasses (6 pair) – $10.99 shipped (styles include Disney Princesses, Barbie, and more)

Women’s Kim Rogers Premium Branded Sunglasses with microfiber bags (6 pair) – $19.99

Did you get these for yourself, or did you get some for your kids?

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