Straight from my Mailbox Sunday: 6/12 edition!

This week, I’m going to be adding some new daily features that I hope you will enjoy!  Sunday will be “Straight from my Mailbox Sunday” where you can share the freebies you’ve gotten during the week along with tips for using all those freebies!

Here’s what I got in my mailbox this week:

Frosted Mini Wheats Fruit Touch of Fruit in the Middle Mixed Berry from Vocalpoint (sounds interesting)

-Kroger dairy coupon booklet (you get these by registering your Kroger Plus card)

Garnier Moisture Rescue from Target

-Biolage sample (I don’t even remember signing up for this!)

Omaha 6-in-1 screwdriver set from 1SaleADay

Sunday Samples Tip: Have you gotten tons of free laundry detergent samples?  You can, of course, just use it to do laundry, but I keep them to take with us when we go on vacation!  That way we have laundry detergent and we can do laundry if we need to (and we almost always do).

What samples did you get this week?  Do you have a tip to share about how you use your samples?

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