Start your New Year’s Resolution Early: HOT Dave Ramsey offer!

I have read several Dave Ramsey books, but in March, my husband and I took his Financial Peace University class together and it was life-changing for us. We are now on a cash-only system, have made a lot of progress in paying down our debt (although we still have a ways to go), and our ability to communicate about finances has improve so much!

If getting your finances under control is one of your New Year’s resolutions, get a jump start and check out this offer. Right now, Dave Ramsey is offering a Total Money Makeover package for $89.95. The package includes the following items:

*One year membership to
*The Total Money Makeover book
*Deluxe Envelope System
*The Total Money Answer book
*6 Dave Ramsey Show Theme Hour MP3s
*3 Month eVoucher to My Total Money Makeover

The total retail value of all of these items is $268! You also get free shipping! You can check out this offer here (FYI ~ you can only pay for items on Dave’s site using a debit card)