Dave Ramsey’s Black Friday Deals!

Dave Ramsey is celebrating Black Friday by offering a number of his bestselling products for just $10 If your New Year’s Resolution is to get your finances on track, I strongly recommend checking out The Total Money Makeover or signing up for a Financial Peace University class.  You can sign up for a Financial Peace University class which includes all of the materials and 13 weeks of classes for just $99 here! It’s been almost two years now since my husband and I took the class and it has been life changing for us!

There area  total of 49 items that you can get for just $10 today.  Here are some of the highlights:

-Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance Software (immediate download)
-Deluxe Envelope System or Deluxe Wallet System
-Financial Peace Jr for Kids (ages 3-12)
-Financial Peace Revisited
-Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 Other Things Dave Ramsey Taught Me About Debt
-The Total Money Makeover

Add the promotional code “MORE” to your cart at check-out and you’ll get “More Than Enough” for FREE with your purchase!

Also, the deal on The Baby Step Bundle that I posted about last week is still availableYou can get The Baby Step Bundle, which includes The Total Money Makeover, The Total Money Makeover workbook, Financial Peace Personal Finance software CD, and Financial Peace Revisited plus Dave Ramsey’s Personal Finance Software, High Performance Achievement Audio CD, and More than Enough for just $35.76 shipped! The total combined value of all of these products is $126.79, so this is an awesome deal!

The details on how to take advantage of this awesome offer are here.

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