SIGG 1.0L Aluminum Water Bottle (2 ct bundle) – $14.99 shipped!

SIGG 1.0L Aluminum Water Bottle 2-Pack Bundle (Random Designs)

If your goal in the new year is to “go green” or you just want to drink more water, take advantage of this deal on Sigg water bottles.  You can get 2 SIGG 1.0L Aluminum water bottles for just $14.99 shipped!

Click here to grab this deal–>SIGG 1.0L Aluminum water bottle 2 pack bundle for $14.99 shipped

Here are the features:

  • Ultra lightweight, reusable, aluminum bottles
  • EcoCare liner is made from BPA-Free and phthalate-free ingredients
  • Extruded from a single piece of aluminum, the innovative SIGGBottle is surprisingly rugged, crack-resistant and completely reusable and recyclable
  • Ground-breaking interior lining is 100% effective against leaching and combats residue build-up, which ensures that all you taste is the water, juice or other beverage that you just poured in the bottle, even after its been sitting in the sun
  • Easy to clean, just rinse thoroughly under the faucet with warm, soapy water at the end of every day and let it air dry with the top off
  • SIGG bottles have been thoroughly tested both in Europe and in the USA to ensure 0.0% leaching so there is absolutely no migration of either the liner or the container into the beverage
  • Comes with a loop top bottle cap, which can be secured via hook or carabiner clip to a backpack
  • 100% recyclable at the end of its life
  • Flip cap is dirt-proof, leak-proof and easy to drink from. Innovative design allows you to drink without ever touching the mouth piece with your fingers
  • Comes with (4) SIGG Bottle Clean Tablets, highly effective cleaning tablets specially designed for SIGG Bottles

In the box:

  • (2) SIGG 1.0-Liter Aluminum Water Bottles (Random Designs)
  • (1) SIGG Bottle Flip Cap (Random Color)
  • (4) SIGG Bottle Clean Tablets

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