Scenario Sunday: Walgreens scenarios for the week of 12/28

It will be hard to get anything for low OOP this week at Walgreens unless you already have RR to roll into a deal or have a gift card with a balance.

If you want low OOP, the easiest thing to start with is the Gillette Fusion razor:

$8.99, earns $3 RR
Use $4 Fusion coupon from 11/30 P&G or 12/28 P&G
Spend $4.99 (I will use a $5 RR from the Claritin deal this week and add a small filler), earn $3 RR

Then, I will do the Johnson deal:
Buy $10 or more, Get $3 RR
Desitin Ointment, Johnson’s Baby Oil, Shampoo or Powder – 2/ $6
Johnson’s Baby Wash or Lotion – $5
Care Bear Wipes – $5
Walgreen’s Pediatric Electrolyte solution – $3

I will buy 2 Johnsons shampoo products and a Johnsons lotion – $11
I will use the $3/3 Johnsons printable
I will use my $3 RR from the Gillette deal
Spend $5, earn $3 RR

The Robitussin deal isn’t a bad one if you need cough syrup. You will spend a little bit up front if you don’t have any RR or a gift card balance, but you also get a $10 RR back:

Buy $20, Get $10 RR – Buy $10, Get $5 RR
Robitussin or Dimetapp – $4

Buy 5 Robitussin/Dimetapp
Use 5 $2 Robitussin/Dimetapp printables
Spend $10, get $10 (or spend less if you have RR to roll into the deal)