Scenario Sunday: for the week of 12/7

This is a slow week at CVS. There is one freebie and one moneymaker. I’m happy to say that next week has a few deals that are “better” and the week of Christmas (starting 12/21) will be absolutely fabulous (like the Thanksgiving sale) with SEVENTEEN freebies! With coupons, you should be able to make $20 and there is a $4.99 mail in rebate as well 🙂

On my other scenarios, I will lose money, but I am OK with that because I gained so many during the Thanksgiving sale and it would be hard for me to keep up with them anyway. Plus, I’m buying things I need.

So, here are my CVS scenarios for this week:

Buy Theraflu warming liquid – $5.99 (they have $2 off blinkie coupons right above the Theraflu in my store)
Buy 1 PowerAde – $1.59

Use $2 Theraflu coupon – spend $5.58, get $3.59
There is a MIR for the Theraflu, so when I send that in, I will get an additional $3.99, so I will end up making $2

SCENARIO #2: my diaper deal
Buy 2 Huggies diapers – $10/each
Buy 1 Huggies Pull Ups – $10/each

Use 2 CVS $2 Huggies CRTs (they have different bar codes and expiration dates!), use $2/2 Huggies diapers coupon (you can print this from the blue link at the top of my blog or on the sidebar), and $2 off Pull Ups coupon

Spend $22, get $5 back
(if you wanted to spend less $, get 2 packages of wipes at $3 each instead of the extra bag of diapers Pull Ups…I just don’t need more wipes because I still have a huge stockpile from the Target deals last year)

SCENARIO #3: detergent
Buy Tide – $12
Buy Duracell Batteries – $3

Use $1 Tide coupon and $.75 Duracell coupon
Spend $13.25, get $5 ECB back


Buy 3 Reynolds foil – .99 w/ in ad coupon
Buy 3 Robitussin – $3.99/each (use $3 printable)
Buy 4 Hershey’s 4/$10 (use $1.50/3 printable)

Use 3 $1/1 Reynolds foil coupons, use 3 $3 Robitussin printables, use $1.50/3 Hershey’s coupon, $6 RR from the Reach deal and $2 RR from the Colgate deal

Spend $3.44, get $5 RR and $5 MIR (from Hershey’s)

**If you are having trouble with the foil coupons (or to avoid trouble), give the manufacturer’s coupons FIRST and then the store coupon!