New Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Crackers and Coupon!

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During the summer months between swim meets and road trips, my family is on the go a lot!  There's nothing worse than being at the zoo or an amusement park and having your child have a meltdown because they are HUNGRY and want something to eat right then!  I admit that I've been there and done that a few times!  Snacks are a must have to keep us going and when it comes to choosing snacks, we are huge fans of Lance® snack products!  My kids love the Peanut Butter and Toastchee® sandwich crackers and of course love all of the cookies, too!  As a mom, I love that they have reduced fat and whole grain options available!  

To celebrate their 100 year anniversary, Lance® has released two new products:  Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toastchee and Lance® Xtra Fulls™ Toasty.  Even though we've been buying Lance® snack products for years, I just heard about these new products today and I can't wait to try them! Both varieties are packed with extra filling and flavor and contain up to 6 grams of protein!  They don't contain trans fats or preservatives and are made with real cheese and peanut butter, so it's a snack that you can feel good about sharing with your kids!  Plus, the individual packages are easy to throw in a backpack, lunch sack, or diaper back to eat when you're on the go!  I can never pass up a good peanut butter snack and just reading about them makes me want to get some right now!

Find out more about Lance® Xtra Fulls™ and the 100 year celebration here-> 100 Year Celebration

You can find Lance® Xtra Fulls™ varieties in stock at your local Walmart store!  Make sure you grab your $1 off coupon here-> $1.00 off Lane Crackers Coupon

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