More scenarios for the Kroger $5 off $25 P&G promotion

The details for the Kroger P&G instant $5 off when you spend $25 on participating items promotion are posted here. This post also includes links to other participating products and coupon match-ups.

There are new loadable P&G E-saver coupons. Although they are not as good as last time, you can still get some good deals.

Here’s a scenario using manufacturer’s coupons and the new loadable E-saver coupons:

Buy 1 Crest toothpaste – $2.50
$1.50/1 E-saver loadable coupon
.75/1 from 12-28 P&G insert

Gillette Fusion manual – $7.79
$4/1 from 12-28 P&G insert

Swiffer refill – $4.39
$.50 from E-saver
$1 from home mailer

2 Old Spice red zone – $3.89
$1/2 from 12-28 P&G insert
$1/2 E-saver

1 Olay Ribbons – $3.99
$1/1 from 12-28 P&G insert
$1 Esaver

Buy 2 Daisy sour cream – 2/$4
.50/1 printable coupon here (will double if your store doubles)

Cottonelle toilet paper – $1.19
.50/1 manufacturer’s coupon from 12-14 inserts (will double if your stores double)
.50/1 loadable coupon

Total before coupons = $31.64
Total after coupons = $16.39

Total after instant $5 off – $11.39


  1. Two questions…do Pampers count for for the P&G? They are part of those coupons so I'm assuming so. Also, which of your items are the non-P&G ones? You said earlier the $5 comes off the non-ones and I'll use diapers for part of mine if I can so I'm curious what else to include. Thanks Melissa :-)!

  2. Pampers do count for the deal, but only the big boxes, which are $25.99.

    The sour cream and toilet paper are non P&G items. By buying almost exactly $5 worth of items and then using coupons to make them almost free, it's kind of like the $5 gets applied to the P&G stuff anyway 🙂