More free earrings from Darcus Tori

This time Darcus Tori is offering THREE pairs of free earrings (Lavendar Alexandrite, Red Ruby, and Green Peridot).

Here are the links:

Lavendar Alexandrite

Round Red Ruby

Round Green Peridot

is offering 3 pairs of nice earrings for free! I also got free shipping. So three pairs of earrings for $0.00:

I thought I’d send you an email to let you know about these FREE Stud earrings. I’ve outdone myself this time. 3 pair in all!

Here’s the scoop:

1. Add the earrings to your shopping cart.
2. Use promotion code: 0801
3. Click the ADD button to activate the code.
4. Complete checkout.

These are regularly $59.95 each, but with the promotion code they’re FREE!

*NOTE: YMMV on shipping – some people are reporting that they got free shipping and others are reporting having to pay for shipping.


  1. Maria E. Lopez says:

    wow this is a crazy one!!! from $59.95 to $7.10 shipped (with insurance) woohoo! i love it! thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Maria E. Lopez says:

    $13.85 to ship all 3 pairs plus $1.10 for insurance!! i got too excited i didnt add all three pairs!! buuuuu 🙁

  3. Linda and Greg says:

    I tried this offer, but credit card info was required…is this normal? I hate to give it to them, esp. if there is supposedly no charge! Thanks

  4. Only had to pay $5.95 shipping. Can't beat that for real jewelry. I got a pair of heart-shaped amethysts for free from Darcus Tori (didn't have to pay shipping) and I love wearing them. They must have wised up that people were getting their earrings for super free so they're charging shipping to recoop some of the costs.

  5. Maria E. Lopez says:

    i got my earrings 2 days ago and i love them :))