Modnique: Designer Jewelry, wallets, and accessories as low as $5!

If you’re looking for an affordable gift for yourself or someone else, Modnique has some great deals today that you won’t want to miss!  You can get necklaces for as low as $5, earrings for as low as $6, and wallets and other accessories for as low as $14!  If you haven’t signed up with Modnique before, you’ll get a $5 new member credit when you register here–>Modnique registration

To check out the awesome deals on designer jewelry, wallets, and other accessories, click here and then click on “Week in Rewind”–>Modnique Week in Rewind sale

Here are some of the deals you’ll find:

PILGRIM SKANDERBORG, DENMARK Crystal Necklace – $10 (only $5 if you get the $5 bonus!)

Simulated Sterling Silver Gem earrings  – $11 (only $6 if you get the $5 bonus!)

Kenneth Cole Reaction wallet – $19 (only $14 if you get the $5 bonus!) 

Kenneth Cole Reaction purse – $19 (only $14 if you get the $5 bonus!)

This is just a sample of the items available!  There are over 100 other items to choose from!  Hurry!  These deals won’t last long!

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  1. I just ordered a wool commuter coat from Landsend “Not Quite Perfect” for 100. That was 150 off the orginal price. Then on top of that Landsend has a discount of 40% off the highest pricest item and free shipping with a purchase of 50. My coat cost me 49.99 plus the tax. So about 57.00 This is an awesome discount and it works on their sale items.

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