Kroger Super Doubles

My Kroger store had a “Super Doubles” day on Saturday where they were doubling coupons up to $1. It was a crazy event and some people started at midnight. At midnight, I had just finished putting all of my coupons together and so I opted to go to the store by my house that opens at 6 am.

My husband was kind enough to come with me (he really hates using coupons) and so we each had a list (they would only double one “like” coupon per transaction). When we got there at 5:45, there were about 25 cars in the parking lot, which is definitely not the “norm” for that time of day on a Saturday especially! We were able to get most of the things that we were looking for. The only downfall was that they only had the self check-out lanes open and you have to keep all of your bags on there and things kept falling out of my bags or the entire bags kept falling off. Then, there was one cashier to man all four registers and she had to enter all of the coupons manually from her station. I was one of the first people to check out, but she looked pretty frazzled and overwhelmed. Unfortunately, I couldn’t “see” the coupons as she entered them and based on my totals I know that some of the coupons were missed, but I have no idea which ones. I asked the cashier if they had scheduled extra cashiers to work that day and she said she didn’t think they realized how big the promotion was going to be…..never underestimate the insanity of couponers!

I paid just under $60 for all of this (I bought a lot of “household” items like cups, batteries, toilet paper, and cleaners that don’t count toward my grocery budget). The picture is not the greatest. I guess that’s what happens when you have two kiddos vying for your attention when you walk through the door with bags and bags of groceries!

You can check out my post here to see what my plans were. I think it ended up being pretty much the same except that I added an extra multi-pack of chips because there were peelie coupons on them and I couldn’t find my Rice Krispie coupons that morning (that’s what happens when you stay up late trying to plan scenarios!)


  1. Shoot! I missed it. I am sad now. 🙁

  2. No worries. There is a Mega Sale that is starting tomorrow and there will be plenty of good deals (plus I'll be giving away a $30 gift card on my blog!!!)

  3. I thought it was so funny walking in at 6am and seeing all the other couponers with their binders and envelopes. I called our Kroger the night before to see if they were going to start doubling at midnight and they told me it wouldn't be effective until the next day, so I don't think we missed anything. My mom called me later in the day SO proud of how well she had done!

  4. Soooo jealous that you got super doubles! I am vicariously living through you Mel!!!