Kroger Movie tickets promotion ~ Another scenario

Kroger has a promotion right now where you can receive a free movie ticket (or 15 free music or ringtone downloads) for purchasing 10 participating items.  I have read online that different stores in the Kroger family have different participating items, so please check your ad for details!

Here’s another scenario to “work” this deal:

Sobe Lifewater is 10/$10 and is included in the promotion! There is a Buy One, Get one free Sobe printable here and a Buy One, Get One Free Sobe printable here (thanks Jane!) You should be able to print two of each per computer. If you can get your hands on five, here’s a scenario for you:

Buy 10 Sobe Lifewater – $10

Use 5 BOGO free printables

Spend $5 OOP, get a catalina for a free movie ticket! (that’s almost half the price of a movie ticket)

Here’s the breakdown of what I did earlier this week:

Buy 5 Snuggle fabric softener sheets – $3.50/each
Buy 5 Uncle Ben’s 90 minute Ready Rice packets – $1.69/each (love these things!)

Use 5 $3/1 Snuggle fabric softener coupons (3-28 RP) 
Use 5 $1/1 Uncle Ben’s rice coupons (2-21 RP)

Spent $5.95 OOP, earned a catalina with a code for a free movie ticket! (that’s less than I would have spent on the movie ticket alone and I got 10 other items we really needed…also, I’ve had several people ask if it’s “worth it” to buy multiples of coupons and this trip alone should show that it is!)


  1. Anonymous says:

    So we can use the $1 Uncle Ben's coupons on the pouches if we buy the brown rice kind, is that right? I used the $1/2 coupons this week but still have the $1/1- which would be a much better deal.

  2. Yes – there are several brown rice varieties – chicken, a wild rice/quinoa mix, and a few others. The $1/1 coupons I have say "good on any" and have worked just fine – I've done this deal twice now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Melissa!