Kindle: prices as low as $79 shipped!

If you’ve been wanting a Kindle, but have been holding off because of the price, now is the time to invest in one!  With the announcement of the new Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire, the prices of the regular Kindle have been lowered SIGNIFICANTLY!

You can get this all new Kindle with Wi-Fi and 6″ E Ink Display for just $79 shipped!  This new Kindle does not have a keyboard (I have one with a keyboard and honestly, you don’t need it), and it is lighter, smaller, and faster!

You can get the Kindle with a keyboard, Wi-Fi for just $99 shipped!

The Kindle with keyboard and 3G is only $139!  This one has dropped $50 in price!

In November, the Kindle Touch with Wi-Fi and 6″ E ink display will be just $99 shipped!  You can pre-order it now!

The Kindle Fire will be just $199!  It will be released on 11/15/2011 and will include web browsing, movies, apps, books, games, and more!

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